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The Best Way to Extend Your Network Over 500 Meters

PoE is a useful technology in powering remote devices, but the maximum distance for PoE is only limited to 100 meters. So if your IP camera must be set up over 100 meters, you’ll need at least one PoE extender to amplify the signal before it loses its integrity. However, when multiple PoE extenders are cascaded, the failure point inevitably increases. And so does the installation and maintenance cost. To address this problem, Fastcabling has launched a long-range PoE+ switch that allows you to extend PoE up to 500 meters.

What’s a Long-Range PoE Switch?

The long-range PoE switch is a cost-effective device that helps you extend the reach of PoE over 100 meters/328 feet. It allows you to power and connect devices, such as IP cameras and wireless access points, in locations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach. Compared with PoE extenders, the long-range PoE switch eliminates the need for multiple power sources, making installations simpler and more cost-effective. And there’s no need to run expensive fibers or install additional hardware in the middle, like media converters. Additionally, by delivering power and data simultaneously, it reduces the amount of cabling required, which can make installations cleaner and more organized.

How to Extend PoE Over 500 Meters?

One of the biggest challenges for business owners and home users when it comes to installing new IP cameras is the distance. As previously said, PoE has a standard distance limit of 100 meters, whether for PoE, PoE+ or PoE++. However, this problem can be properly addressed with our 24-port long-range PoE+ switch——an excellent choice for businesses that need a reliable and efficient network infrastructure. One of the biggest improvements as compared to the previous models is that all PoE ports can now support long-range connectivity, which is particularly useful if you have a large office space or if you need to connect IP cameras that are located over long distances.

24-Port Long-Range PoE+ Switch

The 24-Port Long Range PoE+ Switch also offers a range of advanced features that can help you improve your network infrastructure. One of the main benefits of this long-range PoE+ switch is that it features a dip switch to extend your PoE+ signal to 250M at up to 10Mbps (ports #1-16), and it also supports PoE transmission of up to 500M at 100Mbps on ports #17-24 when used with PoE extenders. Additionally, it can connect up to 24 devices at a time, triple the number of our original switch, which makes it ideal for deployment in small-and-medium-sized networks like office buildings, factory floors, data centers, etc.

Compliant with IEEE802.3af/at standard, this 24-port long-range PoE+ switch can deliver a maximum power of 30W per port with a power budget of 225W in total, which eliminates the need for additional power cables. Usually, due to cable resistance, power loss will intensify as the distance increases. This switch is still able to power a 30W PTZ camera at a distance of 300 meters when used with a PoE extender because it uses all 4 twisted pairs to supply power which allows it to specify a higher power output for each port (#17-24). The 24-port long-range PoE+ switch also supports high-speed transmission of 100Mbps for 4K video streaming. It has a dedicated Gigabit SFP port which enables you to create a high-speed fiber link over long distances and enable link aggregation to a network switch in the higher layer.


Long-range PoE switches are an excellent addition to any business or home office that wants to connect multiple devices over long distances. Here are four examples of how you can use these switches to improve your network infrastructure:

Surveillance Systems: Long-range PoE switches can be used to install multiple IP cameras over long distances, eliminating the need for separate power sources/cables and simplifying installation. Considering the connection is mostly completed by cables, the system stability also highly increases as cables have a prolonged lifespan of at least 10 years.

Wireless Access Points: If you have a large office or home, you may need to install multiple wireless access points to ensure that everyone has access to the internet. Long-range PoE switches can power and connect wireless access points, providing reliable and seamless internet access in remote locations.

Industrial Automation: Long-range PoE switches can be used in industrial settings to power and connect various devices such as sensors, actuators, and controllers over long distances, enabling efficient automation and control.

City Infrastructure: Long-range PoE switches can be deployed in city infrastructure to install devices like smart streetlights, environmental sensors, and digital signage. Moreover, they can also be used in transportation systems, such as railways or highways, to power devices like traffic sensors and electronic road signs over long stretches of infrastructure.

500M PoE Extension in Combustible Environments?

If you’re looking for a reliable way to extend your PoE network in combustible industries, such as flour mills, gas and oil, and chemical manufacturing, then you wouldn’t want to miss this 500M long-range PoE+ extension kit. It offers an effective solution to extend your network up to 500M between two switches without adding any PoE extenders.

Connecting two 4-port long-range PoE+ switches together, then you can extend easily the PoE distance to 500 meters without involving any PoE extenders, which significantly reduces the failure points and electrical sparks along the way. And the data rate between them can still maintain at 100Mbps. Besides, since there’s only data transmission between two long-range switches, you can ensure safe operation in hazardous locations that contain combustible dust or flammable gases, such as flour mills, oil rigs, and gas-fired power plants. Moreover, it also simplifies network management, allowing the administrator to monitor the PDs remotely.

Moreover, it’s also a budget-friendly way to extend your network over 500 meters. The entire setup can be completed with a continuous run of 1500ft cable, which significantly reduces the installation costs and the number of cables used.

Final Words

The 100m distance limitation is a common challenge in PoE networking and that’s why we offer a range of long-range PoE solutions to save you from the dilemma. Whether you need to extend your network to a remote location or install security cameras over long distances, we’ve got you covered. Explore now!

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