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Unlock the Potential of Your Network with 2.5G Switches

With the rapid development of cloud-based services, IoT, and various network devices like WiFi 6 APs, gaming PCs, desktop computers, NAS, etc., there is an ever-increasing demand for more bandwidth. For most users, 1Gbps is more than enough. But in an office or home where numerous devices are connected to the same Internet, 1Gbps may not be sufficient. This is where 2.5G or Multi-Gigabit connectivity steps in.

2.5G Switch: An Affordable Boost for Your Network

2.5G network is not just for offices, but also for homes. The 2.5G switch can provide the necessary bandwidth that allows network devices to run at their designated speeds without any limitations, which can help improve productivity and user satisfaction. It can deliver network speeds of up to 2.5Gbps, which is 2.5 times faster than the standard Gigabit switch, which makes it suitable for high-bandwidth applications like 4K video streaming, online gaming/LAN parties, and large file sharing. And it also supports backward compatibility with lower Ethernet speeds like 100Mbps and 10Mbps.

By using a 2.5G switch, you can easily upgrade to a faster and future-proof network. Running a business today often requires heavy data transfer. With companies storing their data on the cloud, relying more and more on video conferences, and regularly sharing large files with clients and partners, having faster data transfer speed on a network can definitely streamline business processes and improve collaboration. It would also help significantly if you enjoy games like PUBG, PlayStation, etc., that require higher bandwidth. With a faster network connection, you can have a better gaming experience without a single bottleneck.

Why You Should Consider Using a 2.5G Switch?

The 2.5G PoE switch is an efficient and cost-effective network solution that provides high-speed data transfer for both home and enterprise networks. Here, we’ve listed some of the top benefits that make it stand out:

• Increased bandwidth for high-demanding devices

The first benefit of using a 2.5G switch is that it provides more bandwidth than traditional 1G PoE switches. With 2.5Gbps of throughput, 2.5G PoE switches are ideal for applications that require high data transfer rates, such as high-definition video surveillance, 4K streaming, online gaming and other 2.5G devices including NAS storage, desktop computers, WiFi 6 routers, workstations, 2.5G PCIe adapters and more.

• Existing cabling with new 2.5G infrastructure

The 2.5G switch provides a cost-effective way to help you transform your home network at a budget-friendly price. It can work with your existing CAT5e cables while providing a notable improvement in network speeds. It can seamlessly integrate into your current network infrastructure, so home and business users can easily cater to the urgent needs for higher bandwidth connections without replacing all of the legacy Ethernet cabling.

• Better performance and reduced latency

With a 2.5G switch, you can get better performance from your network compared to a 1G switch. The switch will prioritize traffic and ensure that data gets transferred more efficiently. In addition, it can be easily scaled to meet the demands of growing businesses. You can add more switches to your network without having to overhaul your entire system. The 2.5G switch also offers low latency, which is particularly important for applications that require real-time data transfer, such as online gaming and video conferencing.

Break the Bottleneck of 1G Limitation with FC 2.5G Switches

Fastcabling has developed two kinds of high-quality 2.5G switches for SMB networks, home entertainment and SOHO networking.

8-Port 2.5G Unmanaged Switch with 10G Uplink

8-Port 2.5G Unmanaged Switch with 10G Uplink is the perfect solution to create a future-proof network and optimize the performance of your 2.5G devices. It’s ideal for large file transfers, online gaming, 4K videos and other bandwidth-intensive applications in home entertainment and SOHO networking. It has 8×2.5GBASE-T ports that automatically adapt to the speed required (100/1000M/2.5G), providing up to 60 Gbps of switching capacity. It also has a 10G SFP+ uplink port for connecting to the core switch for large files and data transfer with no latency. Not only does this switch provide more bandwidth capacity for your network, but it also increases your network speed from the current 1Gbps to 2.5Gbps without changing any cables. The fanless design also ensures silent operation in the home and business environment.

8-Port 2.5G PoE++ Switch with 10G Uplink

By using this 8-port 2.5G PoE++ switch, you can significantly reduce installation costs while simplifying cable management. It only requires a single Ethernet cable to send both data and power to PDs like 4K cameras, WiFi 6 APs, PoS terminals, digital signage, etc., making it a perfect solution for remote locations with limited power outlets. Similarly, it’s equipped with 8×100/1000M/2.5G RJ45 ports and a 10G SFP+ port. Compatible with IEEE802.3af/at/bt standards, this 8-port 2.5G PoE++ switch can provide up to 90 watts of power for ports 1-4 and 30W for ports 5-8. It is easy to use and simple to set up with no software or configuration required. The robust metal housing and desktop/wall-mount design give you a versatile mounting option in a variety of environments. The optimal solution for home or SOHO users who need more bandwidth and power for their multi-gig devices like gaming computers. 

Get a 2.5G Speed for Your Applications

The 2.5G switches can offer futuristic network connections to a variety of applications.

Home Entertainment: 2.5G switches can be used in home entertainment systems to enable high-quality multimedia streaming. For example, it can provide higher bandwidth to improve the quality of 4K/8K videos. They can also be used for gaming consoles, smart TVs, and media players, allowing for seamless streaming of HD video content and real-time gaming without any lag. You can also install a 2.5G NAS to your computer to store your vast game collection. With the 2.5G switches, you can connect multiple devices to the Internet while still enjoying 100Mbps or more data speed per unit.

SMB Network: Companies require efficient, high-performance networks to keep up with the demands of day-to-day online operations. The increased transfer speed also helps to back up computer files to NAS storage. The 2.5G switches can be used to connect workstations, printers, servers and other networking equipment like 2.5G PCIe adapters to the enterprise network. With their ability to provide higher speeds and bandwidth, they can help businesses to improve their network efficiency and productivity, enabling faster transfers and downloads.

Data Center: Data centers require high-speed and high-reliability switches to manage vast amounts of data. With more devices connected to data centers each year, the need for faster speeds will continue to grow, while the 2.5G switch offers a middle ground between 1G and 10G switches and allows for future growth and expansion. You can use the 2.5G switches to connect servers and storage devices within the data center network to speed up the data transfer and storage process. They are ideal for data center applications due to their high data transfer rates, low latency, and advanced security features.

Surveillance System: Surveillance systems require fast and reliable connectivity to ensure effective monitoring and prompt response to security threats. To enable efficient data transfer and real-time monitoring, 2.5G/multi-gigabit switches are usually deployed to optimize the network throughput and send the videos over the network with no lag. With higher network speeds, they can deliver better video quality, which is important for applications such as facial recognition, where higher-resolution cameras are often required for clear identification. Additionally, the 2.5G switch can handle more traffic and devices, making it ideal for larger camera systems.

Industrial Network: In industrial environments, high-speed networking is required for industrial automation, control, and monitoring systems. 2.5G switches can be used in industrial networks to provide reliable and secure connectivity to industrial controllers, sensors, and other devices. With their rugged design and advanced security features, 2.5G switches can be used in harsh environments and provide industrial-grade performance.

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