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What’s Industrial Managed PoE Switch and Its Applications

The use of PoE in industrial applications is rapidly growing. Its applications can be found in a variety of industries, such as factory automation, manufacturing, traffic monitoring and city surveillance. Industrial Ethernet is a cost-effective way to provide a durable, reliable, flexible and smart network for harsh environments. By transmitting power and data through a single network cable, the industrial PoE switches are capable to connect various network devices in an environment that is subject to extreme temperatures, chemicals, shocks and vibrations, etc., to reduce costs and improve network redundancy. 

Many industrial applications operate well when using unmanaged PoE switches, but to achieve more than basic communications and to create a fully optimized network, you need to use an industrial managed PoE switch to build a backbone in the system.

What’s an Industrial Managed PoE Switch?

The industrial managed PoE switch is a managed PoE switch that is specifically designed to work in harsh environments. It provides an all-in-one solution to enhance your control of the network, especially in remote applications where it would be hard and expensive to manage and troubleshoot. By using a managed PoE switch, you can configure the performance for each network port and monitor the status of your network more easily. Moreover, thanks to the remote control, you can save significant management and maintenance costs. You can view a multitude of network statistics including traffic throughput, network errors, etc., and tackle the problems from the control room, without having to be present on the field. 

Why You Need Industrial Managed PoE Switches?

When using industrial managed PoE switches, you’re backed up with the most robust power supplies and the most advanced network management. 

Typically Designed for Industrial Applications

——more durable, reliable and flexible

The industrial managed PoE switch works well from -40°C to 75°C and has a longer life span of up to 10 years (MTBF: 300,000 hours). And each PoE port is armed with 6kV surge protection to protect the device from unstable power input and electrical surges. In addition, the industrial managed PoE switch is also equipped with redundant power supplies (dual DC inputs) to ensure even if one power link fails, the other will immediately take over to reduce network downtime. It also provides different mounting options of DIN-rail, wall mount, and rack mount, so that you can choose suitable switches for different application environments like railways, oil and gas platforms, mining sites, etc.

Layer 2+ Network Management

——achieve more than basic communications

The Layer 2+ managed PoE switch forwards traffic between network hosts such as a server and a client PC within the same subnet. It helps prioritize the traffic flow coming in and out of each port and allows you to create VLANs to keep smaller groups of devices segregated and protect the network against unauthorized access. It also provides a huge number of management features, including bandwidth control, port aggregation, IGMP snooping, queue scheduling, SNMP, port mirroring, etc. For example, management communication tools like SNMP enable you to get an update on your network status and examine the data received and sent from each port. Moreover, diagnostic tools such as port mirroring can give you a visual breakdown of network traffic per port as well as the ability to optimize your traffic as desired. 

Fast Failover Ring

——less downtime, faster recovery

Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) is a standard feature in managed PoE switches to add high-level redundancy and up-time protection to any network, regardless of size and traffic. It fosters faster recovery from failed pathways, protects Ethernet traffic and maintains recovery times under 50 milliseconds. The backup connection usually remains inactive during normal operation but can be automatically activated to resume the connection until the original break is repaired. Such a failover technology helps redirect traffic in the event of a link or node failure and can be configured on any data port of the switch, including the fiber ports. And the simplicity of the ring topology makes it easier to locate failure points and troubleshoot them without affecting other connected devices. 

4-Port L2+ Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP

This 4-port L2+ industrial PoE managed switch is designed to power devices such as WAPs, thin clients, light sensors, PTZ cameras, and other factory automation equipment. Protected in an IP40 aluminum housing, this industrial PoE switch supports a wide operating temperature range from -40° to 75°C. To minimize network downtime and power failures, this PoE switch is equipped with redundant power supplies. And it also has a fanless heat dissipation design, ready for applications in dusty environments. With PD alive check, the industrial managed PoE switch can be configured to monitor the status of the PD. A variety of managed features are also available, such as SNMP, QoS, VLAN, ERPS, static routing and port aggregation.

For small-to-medium-sized networks, we also launched an 8-Port L2+ Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP to allow you to connect more IP devices.

Applications of Industrial Managed PoE Switches

The industrial managed PoE switches are specifically designed to deliver data accurately in critical applications and provide uninterruptible power supplies in harsh environments. They can be used in different applications, such as mining, transportation, factory floors, city surveillance, etc. 

Mining: Using an industrial managed PoE switch in an underground mine can effectively block dust, dirt and other particles that may damage equipment. It monitors and controls the entire mining facility, and enables data exchanges from hydraulic high-pressure mining cannons. In addition, the data from the cameras connected to the control center via fiber optics makes it possible to adjust the loading of the trucks as well as the sand drying rooms.

Transportation: With a rugged industrial design, compact size, and high management features, the industrial managed PoE switches can provide reliable network connectivity for the transportation industry and offer a high-level means to strengthen traffic management. It can form a ring network with a bandwidth of 1Gpbs to improve the transmission speed with less time and ensure the reliability of communication.

Factor Floors: The need for factories to scale and operate more efficiently is growing quickly. hey also offer a suite of other features that make it possible to manage and troubleshoot your network remotely and securely. And they also ensure the timely recovery of critical segments of your production floor. They’re equipped with industrial-grade protective construction such as IP40, which can withstand high-intensity vibration and shock. 

City Surveillance: Running cables from telecommunications rooms to surveillance cameras can be extremely expensive, but using an industrial managed PoE switch to provide the required power for IP cameras with simplified wiring can help you control the devices in an easier way and troubleshoot the problem even faster. 

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