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FC Product Updates: What’s New for October 2022

At Fastcabling, we’re constantly working on upgrades and improvements in the last few months to bring you an even better user experience and satisfy your unique business needs. Our latest feature updates offer a complete and cost-effective solution for small-and-medium-sized networks but also a better way to grow. We’ve launched a bunch of new products to upgrade and customize your network with low cost, easy operation and high performance. See what we have released and what’s next for us!

High-quality Gigabit Switches for SMB Networks

Networking has become easier than ever! A robust and reliable network is the backbone of a thriving business, and keeping pace with the evolving network technologies is a never-ending task. As your business grows and becomes increasingly complex, your network infrastructure also needs to be upgraded to keep everything running smoothly. Having a clear picture of how often you need to upgrade your network can help your business properly plan and fine-tune your network upgrade strategy. Most business networks are in a continuous state of flux since new users and devices are always coming in. Approximately, an enterprise network needs to handle at least 250 connected devices per day. Therefore, you need an optimally functioning LAN switch to monitor and regulate the incoming and outgoing traffic in your workplace.

With our innovative solutions and technologies, you’re able to create a fast-speed and future-proof network for your business to provide a fast and healthy performance of your network devices. Understanding the amount of traffic being utilized on your network can give you a baseline to determine which level of switches are needed. We’ve developed a new series of high-quality Gigabit LAN switches for various cabling structures and network requirements. This entry-level, smart-managed switch series is specially developed for fast-speed and long-distance network deployment to support business processes.

L2+ Gigabit Managed Switch Designed for SMBs

FC newly launched 24-Port L2+ Gigabit Managed Switch with SFP can support 24×Gigabit ports, 4×Gigabit combo SFP+ slots and one 100Mbps console port. A broad band of network configurations is supported to facilitate network management. Enhanced traffic management capabilities and network adaptability are ensured to future-proof your investments. This L2+ managed switch offers full management, troubleshooting, access control and monitoring features needed to build a robust SMB network. It supports a complete lineup of layer 2 features, such as enterprise-level QoS, VLANs, port mirroring, static routing, STP, ERPS and link aggregation control protocol to provide a reliable, secure network solution for enterprise networks. Moreover, features like SNMP also make it much easier to troubleshoot network issues remotely. By using the 24-Port L2+ Gigabit Managed Switch, you can also configure certain channels to low priority and redirect traffic for more efficient use.

Cutting-Edge Fiber Switch for High-Speed Network Connectivity

Fastcabling also developed a 24-Port L2+ Fiber Optic SFP Managed Switch to help you set up a high-speed network that requires long distances and higher bandwidth. This fiber optic switch is all-fiber capable but also allows front access to both fiber and copper connections. It features 24×Gigabit SFP fiber slots 4×1G combo SFP slots, 4×Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 100Mbps console port to deliver 56Gbps switching capacity and 41.66Mbps forwarding rate. It’s packed with an IPV6 DHCP server for superior data processing performance and network reliability, which makes it ideal for large-scale network aggregation and high-speed enterprise networks. Also, this L2+ Fiber Optic SFP Managed Switch offers you improved security. Intercepting data transmissions will be incredibly difficult since any physical tapping on the fiber cables will be immediately noticed and reported.

Hybrid Switch for Fiber and Copper Connections

Designed for high-performance data networking, our new arrivals 6610-15 and 6610-42 offer an effective way to mix different cabling structures – fiber and unshielded twisted pairs on the same network switch. The 8+8 Ports Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch with 1Gbps Uplink has 8×Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports, 8×Gigabit SFP combo ports, 2×dedicated SFP slots and one console port to efficiently handle and manage bandwidth-hungry applications to realize fast-speed data forwarding in computer networking, IP surveillance and building automation. It is an ideal solution for security monitoring which is requesting the forwarding of large flow video data to establish a unified data communication platform. This hybrid network switch allows you to work with existing structured cabling systems while giving you more flexibility to customize your network. Moreover, you can also create a failover link by daisy-chaining. If a data link or device fails, the data path automatically switches over within 20 msec. to the secondary path to maintain Ring network integrity.

Rugged Industrial Switches for Harsh Environments

Fastcabling launched a wide range of industrial switches to deliver industrial-grade durability and enhanced network redundancy for use in applications with harsh conditions, including models supporting PoE, fiber and Ethernet. For environments constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, vibration, etc., the industrial switches can deliver the highest level of operational reliability to strengthen IoT infrastructures such as transportation, manufacturing and surveillance camera systems. Commercial switches are designed for air-conditioned environments like offices, which put them at a great disadvantage in water splashes, dust, high-level electromagnetic interference, etc., while industrial switches can handle a wide range of extreme temperature variations and survive most adverse conditions to ensure production continuity, resilience and safety.

Industrial PoE+ Switch to Boost Your Network

We have launched two versions of industrial PoE+ switches, 7118-04 and 7118-32, to provide power for a network and enable data communication in a variety of industrial settings. They are a good fit for low-priority networks to deliver basic packet filtering. They can support both Ethernet and fiber optic cables to achieve a longer range of connectivity. Designed with a rugged IP40 aluminum housing, these industrial PoE+ switches show great resistance to a high degree of vibration and protection against ESD or surge and operate within a wide temperature range ( -40°C ~ 75 °C) for harsh environments. Thanks to the intelligent PD live check, when the communication fails, the corresponding PoE port will automatically detect and reboot the non-responding PD until the connection is resumed. Improved reliability and uninterrupted and redundant power supplies ensure continuous operation. The switches have approximately 100,000 hours of uptime before they experience a failure.

Industrial Managed PoE Switch to Provide Advanced Capabilities

To optimize network deployment, we also launched a series of L2+ industrial managed PoE switches, 7118-20, 7114-56 and 7114-78, to simplify network management, diagnostics and troubleshooting. These industrial managed PoE switches give you full control over the port settings, particularly beneficial for large and complex networks. Our switches support RSTP, MSTP, ERPS, and LACP for network redundancy to ensure network connection reliability. IPV4/IPV6 DHCP snooping to protect the integrity of the DHCP server and its operations. Similarly, an intelligent PD live check is also available in these models to monitor the real-time status of connected PDs and enable to reboot fail PDs. The redundant power inputs also help ease the unexpected risks of power outages to deliver better network service. Each model is equipped with at least 2×SFP uplink slots (4×SFP slots in models 7114-56 and 7114-78) to connect to the backbone core switch in the data center over long distances.

L2+ Fast Ring Managed Network Switch for High-Density Networks

The L2+ Fast Ring Industrial Ethernet Switch series (7107-14, 7107-43, 7107-66 and 7107-89) launched by Fastcabling is designed for maximum durability to enhance system reliability and uptime in harsh factory environments. These industrial Ethernet switches provide user-friendly and advanced IPv6/IPv4 management, abundant L2+ switching functions and < 20-msec fast ring recovery protection to prevent interruptions and external intrusions. You can also configure the switch settings to optimize data traffic, hinder unauthorized access and protect the data flowing in your network. Housed in an IP40 rugged but compact-sized case, they can operate stably under the temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees and allow either DIN-rail or wall mounting. Equipped with multiple SFP fiber slots, they can be flexibly applied to extend the connection distance.

Quick Fiber-Copper Conversion Solutions

Network complexity, escalating workloads, and the increases in network devices are driving the forces to build a network with higher speeds and greater bandwidth. Traditionally, PoE is often applied to simply network setups for its inherent advantage of sending power in parallel with data through the same network cable, while its uses are highly limited to applications within 100 meters. To overcome the geographical limit of Ethernet, a fiber optic network is introduced to secure fast-speed data transfer in long-distance deployments. Fastcabling has launched various products to support long-distance fiber networking up to 20km.

Ready-to-Go Fiber Media Conversion Package

Fastcabling has released a complete fiber-to-copper conversion kit to help you integrate the into the traditional copper cabling system. The Gigabit Fiber Ethernet Media Conversion Kit (5853-47) includes a pair of compact fiber media converters, a pair of BiDi SFP modules, a set of power adapters and a 100m/300m pre-terminated fiber optic cable (single-mode, LC connectors) to ensure excellent performance, quality, and reliability. The media converter is an unmanaged, plug-and-play device that can accept a wide input voltage range from 24V to 56V DC. The pre-terminated fiber optic cable is manufactured and assembled to meet the highest industry standards to deliver the best possible network performance, and network failures can be highly restrained with thorough inspections. The BiDi SFP transceivers can support a data rate of 1.25Gpbs to secure high-speed data transmission over SMF.

High-Quality Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cables (100/300/500M)

Fastcabling has launched a collection of pre-terminated fiber optic cables at different cable lengths (100m/300m/500m) to meet your specific needs. They feature a simple plug-and-play design, which can be easily connected and disconnected, cutting off the deployment time by at least 70%. And the pulling eye design saves you lots of time when running cables through conduits, ducts or risers. The pre-terminated fiber cables are also protected in a rugged armored jacket to prevent network failures caused by bending, twisting, breakage, etc. They can be used in mission-critical applications that demand the highest level of accuracy.

Robust Fiber Termination Box for Neater Cabling

Fastcabing has launched two versions of fiber termination boxes (one with 2 LC adapters, another with 8 LC adapters) to help you arrange fiber patch cables and fiber pigtails in an orderly manner. It integrates the termination, splicing, storage and management of fiber cables all in one unit, saving time and cost. Encapsulated in rugged housing (IP65-rated and impact-resistant), it comes with a removable hinged door to prevent vandalism. This fiber termination box is made from UV-resistant/PC+ABS plastic material, ideal for outdoor use. It includes a fiber tray for mounting LC fiber adapters to arrange the fibers in an orderly manner. A removable splice tray is also attached to accommodate fused fibers. Additionally, a power terminal block is ready for passing different-size power cables.

High-Density Rack Server for SMB Networks

The newly released High-Density 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure Unloaded offers a clean and simple way to arrange your fiber optic cables in space-constrained applications, perfect for enterprise data centers, cloud storage networks, and telecommunication rooms. This fiber enclosure is made of 16-gauge cold rolled steel to hold up to 4×fiber adapter panels and 96 LC input ports. The removable rear and front panels provide quick access to move, add and change the cables as your cabling structure changes.

Long-Range Wireless LAN Solutions

The wireless network bridge is a smart network device designed to join different segments of a network together. It’s widely used to set up a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection in cross-building offices, neighboring districts, nearby towns, etc. It ensures the optimal performance of the network segments and reduces bandwidth waste by preventing unnecessary data flows between the networks considering the radio signals can be broadcast in a 360-degree pattern. And network congestion and collision can be highly reduced by segmenting the networks to increase the bandwidth and efficiency of each network segment.

450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE

450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE is a useful tool to extend your current network range for improving signal strength and coverage. It offers a better network performance in long-range applications to power network devices like IP cameras, VoIP phones and remote printers, without additional network cabling. It can run flawlessly at 450Mbps at an extended range of 1km. Covered in the IP65-rated enclosure, this wireless CPE can perform well in any harsh, outdoor environment. It features a plug-and-play design, so you can match the wavelength of each unit without complicated software configuration.

5GHz 802.11ac Outdoor Wireless Bridge

This 5GHz 802.11ac Outdoor Wireless Bridge is an easy-to-deploy solution to extend your WiFi network coverage. It’s designed to work with 5Ghz networks and comes with a superb network speed of 900Mbps and excellent coverage of up to 3km. Housed in an IP65 waterproof casing, this entire unit is weather-sealed, ideal for applications in outdoor and harsh environments like parking lots, highways, and oil pipelines, or other combustible places. This wireless bridge supports various encryption modes like WEP, WPA, TKIP/AES and IEEE802.1x.) and has an invisible SSID to avoid any direct tempering on the device.

Solar Power System for Off-Grid Remote Deployment

One of the challenges in long-distance network deployments is the lack of power supplies, while the solar power system can provide a more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly solution for applications such as oil and gas, construction sites, parking lots, remote gates and ranches. A complete solar power system is made up of a solar panel (more will be needed for power-hungry applications), a rechargeable battery and most importantly, the solar charge controller. The solar charge controller is an intelligent device that takes charge of the connections of the entire system to maintain power reliability, security, and efficiency.

The solar charge controller is an essential part to connect the solar panel and the battery. When the voltage of the battery is higher than that of the solar panel, electricity will flow backward since electricity always flows from high voltage to low voltage, the solar controller can regulate the amount of charge coming in and out of the battery and make sure the battery is not overcharged or undercharged. And it also helps to prevent the powered device from endless rebooting when the power tank is empty. You can set up an on and off threshold on the controller so it can automatically disconnect the power streams to the battery when the voltage falls below a certain threshold.

And there are two main types of solar charge controllers available in the market: PWM and MPPT solar controllers, The PWM is a switch used to connect the solar panel and the battery to control the battery charging, but by using this controller, the voltage of the solar panel will be dragged down to that of the battery, which makes it more ideal for a low-power-consumption system (12V) where only one or two solar panels are connected. The MPPT solar controller can regulate the input voltage to harvest the maximum power from the solar panel and deliver this energy to the battery of various voltage requirements, ideal for high-power systems where more solar panels are deployed.

Rugged Solar Controller for Harsh Environments

The newly released 10A Solar Charge Controller is a PWM solar control that comes with a fanless design, featuring a vast operating temperature range from -30℃ to 70℃, which makes it ideal for outdoor deployments in places where there is no power present. Covered in an IP68-rated waterproof design, it can remain fully operational when exposed to water spray, rain or condensation. The 10A Solar Charge Controller is equipped with LED indicators, unlimited parallel capability, and automatic battery voltage recognition from 12V DC to 24V DC to help you set up a solar power system in remote places. It can be of great help in preventing the battery from overcharging, over-discharging and reverse currents to solar panels during the night. What’s more, it’s highly compatible with both PoE and fiber technologies to extend the network over long distances.

MPPT Solar Controller Designed for Large-Scale Solar Energy Harvest

20A Solar Charge Controller is an MPPT solar controller that is specially designed for large systems where more energy harvesting is worthwhile. Compared with a PWM controller, the MPPT controller will yield higher returns as the panel voltage increases, so a large proportion of all energy from sunlight can be efficiently converted into electricity. To meet the increasing demand for a more cost-effective solar charger for 12V/24V battery systems and maximize the power generated by the solar panels, this 20A Solar Charge Controller supports a maximum solar panel array of 240W or 480W and a PV open circuit voltage of 100V. It can work with various battery options such as Gel and lithium and work under a wide temperature range of -35℃ ~ 55℃. In addition, we also launched a solar controller with a significantly higher output current of up to 40A. The 40A Solar Charge Controller features a solar panel array of 960W to deliver dedicated power supplies for 24V battery systems.

Advanced PoE Surge Protectors for Lightning Protection

A surge protector, also known as the surge suppressor, is an electrical device used to regulate abnormal electrical currents and mitigate over-voltages. It’s normally used to protect both the communication and power lines of the PoE device so as to guarantee a safe and reliable network connection in places where lightning is often present. Recently, Fastcabling has introduced two new types of surge protectors for outdoor network deployments.

Din Rail Industrial RJ45 PoE Surge Protector

This Din-Rail industrial RJ45 PoE surge protector is a compact surge protection device that features 16kV surge protection to efficiently mitigate the negative effects of lighting spikes and surges in long-run copper cabling. It complies with standard PoE and works with no problem This surge protector supports Din-Rail mounting, so 5 or more such protectors can be installed side by side as integrity in a 19″ wide Din-Rail mounting rack for chain setups, which makes grounding more convenient and affordable, ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses. It is backed up with a wider working temperature range from -40℃ to 85℃.

Outdoor Waterproof DC12V Surge Protector

This Outdoor Waterproof DC12V Surge Protector is specially designed for harsh outdoor environments with weatherproofing and corrosion protection. It is designed to protect DC12V electronic devices by regulating the power surges to an acceptable level. Similarly, this surge protector features 16kV surge protection and a wide working temperature of -40℃ to 85℃. It also comes with an IP68 waterproof enclosure, a sealing gasket and a watertight connector, which makes it highly applicable in outdoor environments.

What’s Next For Us?

Simplicity and functionality are always our focus when developing. To satisfy the unique needs of our customers, our products will be more diverse and versatile. And we’re currently working on a web smart PoE switch to offer better functionality and usability for all network users. Please follow us on Facebook @fastcabling to get the latest updates!

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