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WiFi Smart Devices Easiest Smart Home Transformation Method

Smart home has developed into one of the biggest and fastest growing markets in technology because smart home make our life easier, smarter and safer, and its potential continues to grow. A variety of smart devices available on the market, such as Zigbee smart home devices, Z-wave smart device and WiFi smart home device. For integrating a connected home, Wi-Fi is seen as a ubiquitous choice. In this guide, we focus on WiFi smart devices specifically, and make you know WiFi smart devices advantages in practical applications and how it can be the easiest smart home transformation method.

A Smart Home is normally defined as a certain class of devices and sensors that can be controlled by the user via an app on the phone or using your internet connection to connect to these devices. Thanks to its remote control, instant feedback or notification, easy installation and operation, it is a nice technology letting you to use it for home security, controlling appliances, monitoring energy use, as a personal assistant, for looking after the elderly or disabled and more.

How to Setup a Smart Home?

Unlike the time when smart home first come into the market, with the development of bigger smart home, it is more easier for people to understand and utilize. What you need to turn your regular home into a smart home? Generally, there basic premises are enough, including a signal connection, smart home appliances (or smart home devices) as well as a smart home system to connect, monitor, and control these devices. Below we will elaborate the detail information about these premises.

Let’s skip signal connection and jump to the understand what is smart home devices, because signal connection is relative to the main topic we need to talk today.

So what is smart home devices? A smart home device is any electronic device that can be connected to your smart home system, that can be controlled over remote access like smart phone, voice command home assistant Alexa or Google Home, that can interact with other devices, and that can work automatically according to customized settings. Security alarm sensors, triggers, plugs, lights, cameras, and sprinklers are examples of smart home devices. There are various choices for homeowner to get a desired smart home accordingly. And a smart home system can be narrowed down to the “hub” or controlling media such as mobile apps, buttons, etc, all the smart devices need the system to remain a normal working.

Then we take some time to step back to figure out the signal connection. The signal connection can simply means the way or protocol for smart devices to connect to home router or Internet. Above we mentioned various smart devices available, ZigBee, Z-wave, WiFi smart home devices. And these ZigBee, Z-wave, WiFi imply signal connection that smart devices required. Zigbee needs a hub to help make different devices connected, and the signal in linked between the hub and your home router’s WiFi. While WiFi smart devices use WiFi connection, which means smart devices are directly linked home router’s WiFi signal and work, which is more secure to an extent.

How WiFi Smart Devices Benefits You in Smart Home Setup?

Cost Efficiency

WiFi is commonly used in various fields for quite a long time. Therefore, WiFi-enabled smart devices are usually less expensive compared to their counterparts. Because it is also much easier to find DIY devices that use WiFi, making it a cheaper option. Additionally, unlike the Ethernet wired system, WiFi smart devices features wireless connection, saving cost on labor employment and cables, and this makes you get more free router ports also.

Simplicity-No extra hardwired required

As mentioned above, WiFi smart devices adopt wireless connection, that said, no complicate cabling is required. No matter one or two or more devices you want to purchase and install, WiFi devices give you the easiest way as it only need to connect to you home router directly without extra device, or only work well together with many other smart devices for a strong connection. All is simple, you want one smart device, then just buy that one device, offering you a great simplicity. Plus, most of us already have WiFi in our homes.

Integration-sync the devices with Your Alexa or Google

WiFi smart devices don’t have compatible issue and save time and hassle. Imagine if you plan to buy several devices that come from different companies, you would need to consider compatibility issue, concerning about if the devices can work with your router, the hub you intend to purchase, or the Alexa or Google Home you have. WiFi smart devices is capable to clear all the concerns on compatibility. WiFi devices actually shows better integration especially when you just want to add one or two smart devices and need to integrate the devices to the existing Alexa or Google Home. No hub required, less investment to start smart home setup.

To sum up, quite a little individuals would have likely gone for WiFi options that would enable them to set things up fast and see them work in a few simple steps. If decide to make use of WiFi smart devices, some WiFi Smart Devices are recommended.

WiFi Door/Window Sensor-It is an essential component of your home security system, think about it, smart home should be safe to ensure home security and family safety. Doors and windows, accesses enter home, are mainly targets that potential intruders take effort to breach. WiFi door/window sensor offers you an effective way to know when someone enter your home. These devices consist of two parts, and when the two parts separate and have no contact, alerts will be triggered. In other words, as long as someone open door/window and door sensors will be triggered, sending notifications for you to take action immediately, or activate other connected smart alarm devices for further protection. 

WiFi Smart Light Bulb-The latest lighting trend is smart lighting systems. A good lighting plays an important role on home design or mental health. A proper lighting can help fit our mood according to different situations or scenes. WiFI smart light bulb is LED smart lights allow users adjust light brightness accordingly, change to warm or colored lighting to create desired mood in space, use app or voice command system Alexa or Google Home realize remote and convenient control. Thanks to its easy and quick setup, you just need few minutes to upgrade lighting system to a smarter and energy-saving one.

WiFi SoS Button-A WiFi SoS button can be a great addition to any home security system, providing peace of mind for those at home that they are covered in an emergency. It provides an easy but useful way for the loved ones to call for help when emergencies occur. You know that it is impossible for the young or caregivers to monitor the elderly, children, or patients as well. Give your loved one such button, let them to take by side, tell them press the button when needed, you are able to find the situation immediately and act fast to avoid loss or sever injure.

WiFi Smart Power Plug-If you want to control home existing lamps, bulbs or other appliances, remotely, conveniently or automatically, the WiFi smart plugs are make great use. These devices can fit into any outlet at home, no high investment required, realize a remote control, time schedule for devices being turned on or off, adjust light brightness or change color on app inline with specific requirements. Let you going into the smart home world with plug-and-play installation.

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