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Why Use ZigBee Wireless Smart Home Devices

The smart home is becoming a reality today. ZigBee has become the preferred wireless communication technology. What role should Zigbee play in this new world of smart home? When it comes to smart home devices such as light bulbs, switches and sensors, Zigbee comes into play. You probably know Zigbee devices without knowing it. This article discusses the specific benefits of building networks of wireless home automation systems based on ZigBee.

All these connected devices are managed by automated systems on one network. But there is only one problem: there are many companies that make all these different devices. Synchronizing the best smart home devices is not easy and it takes a common language to connect a large number of technologies from different manufacturers. This is where Zigbee comes in.

What is the zigbee?

Zigbee is wireless technology that supports automation. This allows many home security and smart home devices to be connected together in one system. It won’t be very smart, but everything is connected and you never have to get up to use a light switch again. Zigbee smart devices communicate with each other through a radio transceiver. Zigbee devices can send and receive data from other Zigbee devices. This way your smart sensors, lamps, hubs and cameras communicate quickly and securely with each other – and with you. Zigbee is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 personal area network standard. Just like you need a wireless router to create a Wi-Fi network, you also need a hub to set up and control a Zigbee network. ZigBee devices use radio frequencies to communicate, with 2.4 GHz as the default frequency.

Zigbee smart home devices provide many benefits in real applications, let’s get a closer look into these devices and see how they can benefits us.

Simple and Flexible Installation

Above we mentioned that ZigBee is wireless technology, that is said, ZigBee smart devices use wireless connectivity. Besides, most of them are battery-powered devices, making a true wire-free installation. Wireless devices save time and trouble for cabling, money on labor employment and cable, and offer an easier and flexible installation. You can place devices wherever you want.

Easy Setup and Operation

Zigbee smart home devices only required a hub and an app for connection, control, management, or settings. There is no high-tech knowledge required, you are able to set up the system in few steps. Once the devices sync to the app, only finish all the settings or schedules on one app according to your specific needs.

Mesh Network-Good Connection

ZigBee smart devices give you chance to build mesh network. A mesh networks, meaning there’s more than one way for the message to get to its destination, so a more reliable connection is easy to utilize in practice. This really a good workaround if your home only have weak WiFi for devices that you plan to install.

To help you decide if Zigbee devices are right for your smart home, let’s dive into three categories of Zigbee devices and their roles. Zigbee devices vary from different types, covering a wide range of products, including sensors, lights, triggers, sirens and so on.

Zigbee smart sensors can secure or upgrade your home from different aspects. Door/Window sensors, PIR sensors, vibration sensors make great use on property protection. Door sensor tell you when intruders open the doors or windows of your home; PIR sensors inform you when unwanted people enter your home or other places that prohibit to enter at specific time; vibration sensors notify you when your valuable belongs are at risk to be stolen.

Zigbee smart lights can light up your home for security or improve your life quality with proper lighting. Zigbee smart light bulbs server illumination at low light conditions, create specific atmosphere with different color or brightness to fit your moods or scenes. Control lights over mobile app, remote control or voice control system Alexa or Google Home, and lights can be turned on automatically when other alarm sensor or security devices is triggered to scare away intruders.

Zigbee triggers, like quick button, remote control is an addition for you to start smart home. Smart devices use mobile app to control, while for some people, such as seniors, children have less time or intention to take mobile phone by side all the time, or some just think smart phone is hard to operate. With these triggers, an easier and handy way is an alternative for them to use smart home devices. One simple press on the button is enough.

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