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Smart Lighting Improve Life Quality

Lighting is a crucial consideration for home or for family member health. Basically, we need lighting for effective illumination in daily life. Furthermore, many people will use lighting for home design and mood satisfaction, thus lights and lighting play an important role. Compare to tradition lighting, nowadays, smart lighting offers an upgrade choice on lighting design. Smart lighting shows its advantage on cost, installation, use experience. In short, smart lighting can help improve life quality, we will elaborate on what is and why use smart lighting, and help you know how to use smart lighting.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is an advanced way to illuminate your home. Smart lighting technology is a lighting system connected to the Internet. Smart lights include software that connects to apps, smart home assistants, or other smart accessories, so you can automate lighting or remote control without the need for traditional wall switches.

Traditional lights work by turning on and off switches. Sometimes they are connected to a dimmer, so you can dim or turn on the light. However, this is usually the range of functions of traditional home lighting.

On the other hand, smart lighting allows you to better control the lighting. You are still connected to electricity at home, but any smart lighting can allow you to control it wirelessly via your phone, tablet, or smart assistant (such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa).

LED smart light is a kind of smart light that adopts LED technology. Using LED smart lighting, in addition to conventional lighting functions, it features lower power consumption and color-changing lighting.

Advantages Using Smart Lighting

Save Energy

With smart lights, especially LED lights can save energy and benefit environmental friendly as they last long time and generate less heat. Additionally, you can schedule the lights to switch on or off automatically and control brightness as well as control smart lights remotely. Certain smart lights turn off or on depending on room occupancy. This helps in cutting down power consumption.

Improve Life Quality

For a healthier life, good lighting is essential in the home since, among other things, it reduces stress. Colors and luminosity notoriously influence our mood, although many times we do not realize it. Smart light is a useful tool that help supply proper lighting to fit different moods in space or individual needs. Moreover, if you wake up in the middle of the night, you can use quick button by hand or one tape on the app or voice command to turn on the light, you do not have to scramble for a switch, challenging to locate in the darkness.

Remote Control

Since smart lights connected to mobile app and internet, you can switch on the lights on mobile app remotely, even if you are miles away, which can scare away potential burglaries. And it also shows great convenience for people to turn on or off the light without a move, especially suits for seniors or patients who have difficulties to walk. Besides, it is a good assistance to solve the issue that children are not talk enough to reach the wall switched.


Most smart lights give you chance to schedule according to scenes, routines, specific requirements, and even to set several lights as a group, that means the pointed light or group lights can be turned of or off automatically at a specific time that you set. For example, when you are going to reach home, the porch light knows it is time to turn on.

Enhance Home Security

Smart lights is able to connected with other smart devices, the reason is that most can compatible with smart devices that can be used with one app. For instance, you can set the light to be turned on once the door sensor or PIR sensor is triggered, when door open or any person is detected. In this way, your home security can be ensured with a higher level.

How Smart Lights Work?

Smart bulbs use wireless transmission to send and receive signals, and different incandescent bulbs use different methods to complete their job. Some use built-in Wi-Fi radios to connect directly to your router, allowing you to control them remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Then there’s Zigbee, which you can think of as a local wireless network for smart home gadgets. You need a Zigbee hub connected to the router to convert these signals for your home network. Zigbee-based smart bulbs can create a mesh network to solve the problem of weak Wi-Fi signal.

To utilize LED smart lighting, various options for you to choose, light bulbs and light strips are two popular lights suits for home lighting.

Features of Smart LED Bulbs

  • Make a proper lights fit moods in different situations
  • Controlled over mobile phone remotely
  • Compatible with home assistant, Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Easy to use, plug and play, 5 minutes installation
  • Adjust brightness with mobile app, make light dim or bright conveniently
  • High integration for home lighting design
  • You are able to choose WiFi or Zigbee light bulb

Features of Smart Light Strips

  • Great addition for life style upgrading
  • Make a proper lights satisfy moods
  • Controlled over mobile phone remotely
  • Compatible with home assistant, Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Adjust brightness with mobile app, make light dim or bright conveniently
  • Indoor or outdoor light strips meet various applications
  • Flexible installation, customized design
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