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Multiple Smart Devices, One App Control All

The concept of the smart home is becoming a trend as more and more devices and sensors are connected in a single home infrastructure. Smart home technologies are partly linked to another current trend: the Internet of Things (IoT). Connecting simple devices to the network for user remote control is a very popular area of ​​development today. All smart devices are simple and easy to connect and control with one app.

Smart home technology generally refers to a set of devices, devices or systems that connect to a common network that can be controlled independently and remotely. The smart home security system is a great tool for protecting your property as it gives you complete control over everything inside and outside your home.

Smart home devices protect your home in an intelligent and easy way and completely from different dimensions, including entrance, light, video surveillance. In the event of a break-in or emergency, the real-time status is immediately updated on the mobile phone to respond quickly and reduce losses, giving you great security.

With just one app at no extra cost, you can control all smart home devices from different brands without worrying about compatibility issues. Quick access, ease of use, user-defined settings and multiple languages ​​give you enough security to start an intelligent life.

There are several smart devices on the market to help you build a safe home or a comfortable and convenient living environment, including door sensors, smoke sensors, smart lighting, etc. Let’s take a look at the features of these smart devices.

Door sensors are an essential part of your home security system, letting you know when someone enters your home. Smart Door/Window Sensor consists of two parts, the sensor and the magnet. Its small size can’t hide its great effect on home security and family protection because it immediately alerts you remotely on the mobile phone as soon as the alarm is triggered if the magnet doesn’t stick to the sensor. All you need to do is enable or disable the sensors in the app or the remote.

The smart smoke detector is an economical solution to keep homes safe and serves as a safeguard for family safety with the practical ability to report fire risks and effectively stop emergencies before they become serious. Thanks to the high sensitivity to smoke detection and direct push notification on mobile phones, you can be on the go, at work, traveling etc.

Smart bulbs are advanced lighting options that help create the right atmosphere with different colors and have a wide range of uses, including home decoration, party mood maker, provider of comfortable sleeping conditions, etc. With Smart Lights you can easily adjust the brightness in the app.

If you opt for the Zigbee smart device, a hub or gateway is required to manage all devices. Wi-Fi and wired hubs are available. Under the management of the hub, many different smart devices from different brands can work in an uncluttered way.

Smart devices can work automatically with customized settings according to your routines or needs, and multiple tasks can be completed based on the time set in the app. This way, the light and the coffee machine remain on as long as you get up after the settings have been made.

You would think it would be hard to start a smart life with so many different types of smart home devices. You don’t really have to worry about installation problems. All devices have a plug-and-play installation and can be easily added to the app or linked to the corresponding gateway or hub without any knowledge or high-tech knowledge. The group association of certain devices that meet your requirements can be done in one step.

Help third-party voice control system like Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant and turn your voice into an efficient housekeeper. Control all compatible smart home devices with just voice commands, without having to move, and enjoy great convenience in using your smart home.

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