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Benefits of Waterproof PoE Extender

What is PoE Extender?

More and more people take the advantages of PoE(Power of Ethernet) to build network for home or business applications like IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones and some emerging applications in the fields of smart home or IoTs. There are various types PoE devices available, and why need to use PoE or what situations require the assistance of PoE extenders, these are questions we need to find out fistly and then to know how to choose and utilize PoE extenders.

Why PoE Extenders are Needed in PoE Networking?

As it is known, PoE technology allows network cable to carry power, and power can’t maintain in a stable amount over transmission in copper wires, then power loss and voltage drop occur, which are resulted in an inherent limitation to PoE connection, that is PoE can only reach a maximum of 100 meters(328ft.) transmission. Such distance limitation greatly restrict the deployment scale of IP devices need to install at long distances. The answer is revealed itself, the reason why people use PoE extenders is to extend the transmission range of PoE signal so as to meet low voltage IP devices installed at remote places where AC outlets is hard to obtain, getting more scalability and flexibility.

Let’s get back to the point, what is a PoE extender? A PoE extender, as known as PoE repeater, is a PoE compliant device that can extend PoE signal to farther distance in a safe and easy way. PoE extenders are placed between main PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment like PoE switches/PoE injectors), and the front-end PDs (Powered Devices like IP cameras). Receive PoE signal(power and network) from main PSE, repeat and boost it, and eventually provide PoE for connected PoE devices. For some PoE extenders, it is able to supply PoE for non-PoE devices when working with a PoE splitter.

Benefits of PoE Extenders

PoE Ethernet Extension

As mentioned previous, extend PoE or Ethernet is the basic benefit when using PoE extenders to realize long range PoE transmission. Adding one unit of PoE extender, another 100 meters distance is added to the traditional infrastructure. That said, PoE signal can is reachable beyond 100 meters, and ideally, a 200 meters deployment range is available in total. In fact, if employ PoE extenders support daisy chaining, you are supposed to get 500 meters max. PoE connection between the PSE and PD by using 4 units.

Flexible Deployment

A PoE extender, as its name implied, it is PoE-enabled device which can be powered by PoE power, that means there is no AC outlet required around extender’s installation point. Moreover, it serve PoE power for connected PDs, so their required AC/DC power source can also be eliminated, offering great flexibility on deployment as it reduce difficulties of installing IP devices at desired locations where AC/DC power is unreachable, like ceilings or other similar places.

Easy and Quick Installation

PoE extenders, unlike others extension methods, it features plug-and-play installation, quite simple and fast setup. What’s more, it is easy to use, no configuration is demanded. It is a nice extension way for installers who don’t have a store of technical knowledge.

Choosing PoE Extenders: Key Points to Know


As to the selection on PoE extenders, it certainly needs to take some factors to be considered, and the first of all, is safety. Specifically speaking, it is about the safety on the data of the existing system, which is quiet significant to the avoid issues like data packet dropout or destroy. PoE extenders support seamless connection can greatly reduce the potential of the occur, simple because the connected powered devices and the PoE extenders command a negotiation and follow it. When if combined with PoE detection mechanism, it would be a better guarantee to your system.


The next thing to be concerned should be the stability of the system operation. PoE extenders, in most situations, will be applied at outdoor or other tough installation conditions, and we need to think ahead how to keep or enhance the stability. Water ingress, dusk, surges, extreme temperature are common challenges to the PoE extenders or the whole system. Find the one that can resist or reduce the damage caused by these challenges is the smart option. Some PoE extenders feature IP67 waterproof rated, rugged metal housing, wide range operation temperature, ESD surge protection, etc, and they suppose to be the favourite.

Power and Network Speed

The last but not the least, according to your needs or applications, it is necessary to figure out how much power and what network speed is required to supply the connected PDs adequately. This is an issue related to the compatibility of the PoE extenders and the connected IP devices. You need to know the power consumption of the PDs and get the matched one. And to know the amount of output power of the PoE extenders, this depends on the PoE standard with which PoE extenders comply. IEEE802.3 af serves 15.4W max., IEEE802.3at output 30W max. and there are some IEEE802.3bt compliant PoE extenders, which give a maximum of 60W or 90W output wattage. Refer to network speed, there are fast Ethernet PoE extenders provide 10/100Mbps network speed, and if ask for higher speed, there are gigabit PoE extenders offer 10/100/1000Mbps network speed.

Applications of PoE Extenders

PoE Cameras

Applications like installing PoE cameras for video surveillance in the long distance places where lacking AC power outlet happen occasionally, and it is a handy solution choosing PoE extenders to solve problems of limited transmission distance and power supplying only using one single device over one cabling. Fastcabling 5540-75 waterproof PoE extender enables a safe and stable connection and meet outdoor deployment greatly thanks to its IP67 waterproof rated. And its slim shape plug plug-and-play feature achieve ultra flexibility on deployment. Moreover, its 10/100Mpbs fast Ethernet network speed is able to ensure high quality video data streams, including 4K cameras.

As mentioned above, one unit of PoE extender get PoE repeated for extra 100 meters, and naturally, two units provide additional 200 meters, that mean a total distance of 300 meters from the main PSE to the edge PD. While if apply Fastcabling 5540-01 extension kit, using two pieces of PoE extenders, you are able to reach up to 300 meters between the two PoE extenders. In this way, only cable is required to be buried underground, which enhance installation flexibility, system stability as well as maintenance convenience.

Wireless Access Points(WAPs)

Extending Ethernet to get WiFi coverage at long distance locations or spaces where encounter too many obstacles is another typical applications. Wireless access points(WAPs) are the devices that serve as the bridge of existing Ethernet and the WiFi signal. Utilize PoE extender to achieve further distance, and the main point should be looked into is the network speed. Fastcabling 5540-60 PoE Extender supports gigabit PoE extension, after long range transmission, a 10/100/1000Mbps network speed is quite sufficient for majority of WAPs. The 5540-60 not only can meet the basic need of Ethernet extension, but it also can finish daisy chain setup as it equips with two PoE outputs. It complies with IEEE802.3af/at/bt standard, it receives 60W PoE++ and supplies 30W PoE+. It features IP67 waterproof rated, rugged metal housing, and wide range temperature from -40°C ~ 75°C. If you are asking for a higher demand for water or corrosion resistance under harsh environment, the 5540-55 95W 2 Port Waterproof PoE Extender with 60W Output is the better choice.

High Power PDs(Powered Devices)

There are quite a certain types of network devices such as PTZ PoE cameras with heaters or sensors, WiFi6 access points may encounte rlong distance deployment issue. These kinds of powered devices(PDs) consume more power, in other words, it is crucial to get enough power in and out of the PoE extenders, especially when run over long distance, more power will be lost in line ue to power loss. Fastcabling 5540-55 PoE extender with 60W output solve the problem easily and reliably. Its input port allows up to 95W PoE in, and the two outputs give up to 60W power for the connected powered devices. More importantly, its fully metal design ensure its durability and reliability when to be applied at outdoor or other harsh conditions.

More information on the desired products, welcome to read our product page or contact our support team here.

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