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New Ethernet Extension Solutions to Install IP Devices beyond 200 Meters

PoE(Power over Ethernet) has been a common power networking option in this continuously developing society. It changes the way of cabling for various types of low voltages networked devices, such as IP cameras, wireless access points, or other non-PoE devices, because PoE allows a single Ethernet cable to deliver power simultaneously for the edge powered devices, that being said no extra power cable is needed, offering quite a few advantages, including simple cabling, easy and safe installation, centralized power management, etc. However, when the distance between two network devices that using Ethernet cable for connection is more than 100 meters, the start-up job generally calls for additional consideration for the installers or owners due to the Ethernet transmission limitation.

Ethernet cable can only reach a maximum of 100 meters transmission distance because of power loss, and to solve long distance deployment, Ethernet extension tools have come out and are widely applied. There are numerous Ethernet or PoE extension solutions, some are known and used popularly, like PoE extenders, some are required a greater investment of time and money, fiber optic network is one type, while others should be new and unique. Actually, a majority of end-users just want to make their IP cameras or access points installed at a remote place, but comes with little knowledge about PoE networking or Ethernet extension, thus facing with so many options, some of them are even unbeknown by the beginners, an improper selection happens occasionally, which resulted in a waste of time and money or bad performance of the whole system.

IP video surveillance that adopts PoE IP cameras for setup supposes the most common application, in the following, we assume that these solutions are used for long distance PoE camera installation. And here we mainly talk about those that require greater distance or coverage like 200 meters and more.

PoE Extender

For applications that only need to extend within a range of 100 meters, or the installation distance between the main network( router or network switch) and the powered device(PoE camera) is within 200 meters, it is quite simple to be dealt with by adding a PoE extender.

PoE extenders can help extend the Ethernet or PoE for another 100 meters. It is a useful device that can receive both power and network and repeat them to reach a longer distance. Only place it in the middle of the link, power, and network can be delivered to the remote PoE camera over a single Ethernet cable, and there is no need to run a power cable for the extender itself. Pick up the compatible and standard one is definitely can meet the installation requirement without thinking of data damage issues. People encounter the same situation, just go ahead to purchase suitable PoE extenders. Fastcabling offers a number of fair choices, which are able to fit outdoor or harsh installation environments thanks to its IP68 waterproof rated.

What if More Distance is Required?

There are many ways. As a matter of fact, some PoE extenders support daisy chain, that said, if more distance is needed, the PoE extenders can be chained up, and up to 4 units can be chained to reach a maximum of 500 meters Ethernet or PoE transmission. But in this way, if one PoE extender fails, then the whole link is broken and can’t work normally, leading to weaker stability and reliability. Some may turn to the wireless bridge for help. It is a tool to extend Ethernet over wireless signals. To adopt this method, a demanding installation condition is fundamental, namely an open area between two bridges for fewer inferences. Fiber optic network has been seen and used for end-users gradually due to the presence of point-to-point pre-terminated fiber optic network systems. Generally, it should be used for those applications that Ethernet wires can’t fit, when requiring 1 kilometer and more distance, because it costs much more than Ethernet cabling to some extent, so it is unnecessary when we only want a shorter distance over 200 meters and within 500 meters.

Below we are going to introduce two methods that may be so practical and effective and out of the expectation. One is the 300 meters direct-buried PoE extension kit, and the other is the 800 meters ultra long range PoE switch. Let’s look into these two relatively new concepts.

300 Meters Direct-Buried PoE Extension Kit

Fastcabling launched the 300 Meters Direct-Buried PoE Extension Kit, including two PoE extenders. People may be confused about how this can be different if also using two PoE extenders to reach a 300m extension.

Above we mentioned that PoE extend can be daisy chain to get greater distance. And this 300 meters extension kit also works in the same way. Two PoE extenders are chained to realize long distance Ethernet or PoE transmission. Certainly, it must have its unique feature otherwise it can’t be regarded as a new extension solution. The common daisy chain two PoE extenders, the distance between the two extenders can only be 100 meters max., which is simply restricted by the Ethernet inherent transmission limitation. While the distance of the two extenders in this kit is able to achieve up to 300 meters. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for applications that install at places where are 200 meters to 300 meters away from the main network.

Try to imagine, only a 200-300 meters Ethernet cable used between the two PoE extenders can solve the long distance deployment easily and clearly. Especially when a direct-buried type installation is required. Only need to bury the long cable underneath, and the two PoE extenders can be placed indoors or at some safe points. Cable naturally comes with better resistance to water, dust, or something underground that may cause harm. Moreover, it is known that any electronic has its useful life and is doomed to be broken after several years or decades. It is a hassle to dig out the broken PoE extender for maintenance or replacement if it is buried underneath. What a convenient, flexible, and reliable system can the kit provide.

If the distance from the main network to the first PoE extender, and from the second PoE extender to the edge powered device are utilized optimally, it can provide a maximum of 500 meters.

800-Meter Ultra Long Range PoE Switch

If the installation distance is more than 300 meters, and it seems no way to only run or bury the long Ethernet cable to realize a more stable system. Fortunately, the 800 meters ultra long range PoE switch gives you the chance. Unlike those common PoE switches that just can transmit a maximum distance of 100m or 250m(under extended CCTV or VLAN mode), the Fastcabling special 800 meters PoE switch offers a longer distance, which can easily meet the 500 meters long distance PoE transmission with a remained 100Mpbs network speed. As its name implies, a maximum of 800 meters distance is possible, and there is a 10Mpbs data rate received by the PDs. Since the switch can deliver such long distance, so it means only the long network cable will be used between the main 800m PoE switch and the remote side.

Actually, this two new solution works similarly, at the remote end, a waterproof adaptor is included that need to be placed ahead of the ready to connect IP camera for sending the signal back to the switch over long distance travel. Not only supply a greater transmission distance, the 800 meters PoE switch equipped with ultra long range PoE ports and regular PoE ports also meet the needs for applications that plan to install multiple IP devices.

Some applications have a high requirement on network speed of bandwidth, such as wireless access points that use to supply internet access for a dozen networked devices log in at the same time. The above two solutions can only provide 100Mpbs max. over 300 meters, to meet these applications, daisy chain two units of the Fastcabling Gigabit waterproof PoE extenders is the optional solution.

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