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How to Install New Routers at Remote Place Between 1500ft for Internet Access

It is no denying that network or internet is an indispensable thing, and the router is the most commonly used networking and communication device for homes and businesses, simply said that people rely on the router to access LAN or WiFi network or internet. While it is known that WiFi network generally supports a short coverage range within around 15 meters, and sometimes we may need to access network and internet at remote places where are far away from your houses or main buildings, such as outbuildings, sheds, gardens, barns, studio, offices and so on. In this case, some people tend to install a new router at the remote location for a larger coverage of WiFi or LAN network.

Today, we are going to cover some basic knowledge or instruction that aims at serving the installers, especially beginners with the complete and easy to handle WiFi and LAN network extension solution.

To install a new router at a remote location when people don’t want to pay a new internet fee for the new router, connecting the new one to the original one is a perfect way. In order to make the explanation easier to understand, here we illustrate with a detailed case that may encounter occasionally to some people. Provided a new router needs to be installed at the garden located at 500 meters(1500ft.) away from the original router that has been placed inside the house. And there is an IP camera that needs to be installed and to get internet access for several networked devices when customers stay there. That being said, LAN and WiFi networks are needed to extend and reach the remote guest house.

Two Main Issues Waiting to be Solved: Long Distance & Power Supply

On one hand, to make these two routers linked together, long Ethernet cabling is required by using an Ethernet cable, which is the same kind of cable as those are used for connecting the edge IP devices. At this point, one thing is to be noted, Ethernet cable has its inherent drawback on transmission distance, because of the reduced bandwidth and power loss and voltage drop, Ethernet can only deliver a maximum of 100 meters(328ft.) distance. Beyond this range, IP devices connected to the router or network switch can hardly work normally due to the deficiency of power and bandwidth.

On the other hand, at the remote garden, no power to be accessed is quite often, or the AC outlet perhaps stuck the pace of progress to install the router at desired point flexibly to realize the best signal performance. PoE (Power over Ethernet) is an effective way to achieve a flexible placement for the new router despite the short power cable linked with the adaptor, and it also offers easier cabling and installation only use one Ethernet cable to supply power and network to the router.

To meet the above two requirements, obviously, finding a solution to get Ethernet or PoE extended to reach an ultra long range and supply the new router is the fundamental task. Fortunately, the 800 meters ultra long range PoE switch is the answer.

800 Meters Ultra Long Range PoE Switch Brief Introduction

800 meters ultra long range PoE switch as its name implied, it is a PoE switch that supports a maximum of 800 meters PoE transmission that breaking the distance limitation of Ethernet, so it is not a problem to deal with a connection of 1500ft for the two routers.

You probably have heard of the PoE switch with extended mode(CCTV mode or VLAN mode), which enables power and network to be delivered to a longer distance of 250 meters max. by sacrificing the data rate. Actually, it is acceptable to regard the Fastcabling 800m PoE switch as an advanced type adopting unique technology to make long distance deployment along with sufficient bandwidth. The 800 meters PoE switch offers a remained 100Mpbs network speed even with a long travel of 500 meters, which is adequate to support the multiple devices connecting to the router for internet access at the same time.

Can Non-PoE Router be Powered by PoE ?

Compatibility is the other factor that requires extra attention. It is an issue concerning the compatibility of PoE and non-PoE devices. To be honest, although there is PoE-enabled router, there are quite a few people or applications that plan to use non-PoE routers, some DC 12V routers that are equipped with power holes and Ethernet ports. Consequently, for these targets or situations, they naturally wonder if the non-PoE router can make use of PoE to obtain power and network from the central location where power can be easy to find and manage. Undoubtedly, the answer is positive. Only one little gadget is demanded to make the thing that seems impossible to be possible, namely the PoE splitter. Take the widely used DC12V router as an example, an DC 12V PoE splitter suppose to be a perfect match.

PoE splitter is a tool that helps make non-PoE devices receive power and network via PoE. Let’s explain in a sentence simply, it receives PoE and then splits it and streams LAN and DC power from two cables. It has three main ports, one is the PoE port receiving PoE from the router or other PSE, the other two respectively are LAN port and DC power ports. And it can be deemed to be a kind of converter that is able to converter the DC 48V PoE to DC 12V fitting the router ready to install. Therefore, only by adding a PoE splitter at the terminal of the whole link before the router, there is no gap between PoE and non-PoE anymore.

How to Link Two Routers with 800 Meters PoE Switch?

Having figured out the solution, and the next step should focus on the installation guide. Because the long range PoE switch provides a maximum of 800 meters PoE transmission, so the whole connection between the two locations(1500ft.) is only to run one long cable, which comes with extreme reliability as the cable suppose to have better resistance to some damages rather than active electronics, such as water, dust, or surges, etc. Moreover, you can finish the connection safely by yourself thanks to low voltage PoE power. In addition, all the devices required in the installation feature easy plug-and-play installation, and they don’t ask to deal with the power separately (except for the PoE switch), thus it is not a difficult job for the majority of people.

Make Use of Ultra Long Range PoE Port

For the consideration of the utility and cost-efficiency, only several special ports support ultra long range PoE transmission, the other ports are just the common PoE ports, in this way, the switch can meet various applications with different requirements of short or long distance deployments. Fastcabling gives two options, the 4-port PoE with 2 ultra long range ports and the 8-port PoE with 4 ultra long range ports. Only need to plug the long Ethernet cable into the ultra long range ports, no configuration is needed, then the PoE can be transmitted to a remote location.

Choose Pure Copper Ethernet Cable

According to the truth that power will drop dramatically over long distance travel. Ethernet cable plays a significant role in the whole link as it takes the largest part. It is important to use pure copper Ethernet cable, like Cat5e, Cat6, or higher categories, which is an effective way to reduce power loss inline severely. Because its high quality and material make it a more suitable choice rather than the cheaper CCA cable.

Place an Adaptor at the Remote Side for Each Long Distance Link

In the installation, placing an adaptor at the remote side ahead of the powered device(PD) that is ready to install is a necessity for the reason that the 800m PoE switch can realize long distance PoE transmission because of its special chipsets. However, the connected powered devices don’t have such capability to make the signal upload over ultra long range. So the adaptor is used to do the job to help the signal from the powered devices to send back to the switch. Remember that one adaptor can only meet one long range link, if there are more long range links required, you need to place adaptors for each link.

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