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Tips for PoE Wireless Access Points(WAPs) Setup over 100 Meters

If you already purchased a PoE wireless access point for an extended WiFi range and get a greater coverage to meet the need of various networked devices requiring smooth WiFi network to access internet. Installment of the device is potential to be a overwhelmed problem for most medium to large sized businesses, especially when the cabling distance of the access point is over 100 meters away from the main networking system(router/switch/injector). Luckily you are reading this, some instructive information will be illustrated to help set up PoE wireless access points at farther range.

PoE wireless access point(WAP) is a device that do a great job for home or business taking advantage of PoE wired cabling to build a strong WiFi network that easily supports more than 20 clients to access internet with fast enough network speed or bandwidth at the same time. In general, it is connected to a router, PoE switch or PoE injector. The works simply, only need to add it in the existing networking system with single Ethernet cable, power and data can be received simultaneously without extra power. In theory, Ethernet cable can only support a maximum of 100 meters(328ft.) transmission distance due to power drop and signal loss. That’s why we said at the initial starter that long distance deployment could be a problem in practices. In this case, finding ways to help extend PoE transmission distance is an urge thing.

There are various PoE extension solutions, and for applications that has already have a existing PoE networking system, especially only require one or two access point to be installed at one location, PoE extenders should be the best answer, giving huge convenience on deployment. Let’s get a closer look at PoE extenders and figure out how to use for long distance deployment of wireless access point.

PoE Extender Introduction

PoE extenders is useful PoE or LAN extension solution to meet long distance networking system setup for various kinds of IP devices, including PoE and non-PoE powered devices, such as IP security cameras, VoIP phones, wireless access points or laptops with simple plug-and-play installment. Before the invention of PoE extenders, there are extension devices called Ethernet extender or network repeater, and these devices can’t powered with PoE. While PoE extenders adopt PoE technology, so that these devices can be powered by PSE like PoE switch/PoE injector. Therefore, time and money for extra AC power supply in the connection of PoE extender and the main network equipment is able to eliminated.

How Does PoE Extender Work?

PoE extenders generally equip with two types of ports, one is PoE in and the other is PoE out. These devices work simply, placed between PSE and PDs, received power and data from PoE switch/PoE injector, repeated and transmitted sufficient and safe power and network to connected PoE compatible powered devices. Adding one PoE extender, another 100m PoE transmission distance is available and allows practical applications installed at farther locations. Moreover, there are some PoE extenders support daisy chain, that means up to 4 PoE extenders can be chained up and reach a maximum of 500 meters Ethernet cabling. 

Tips Help Use PoE Extender for Long Distance PoE Wireless Access Point Setup?

As mentioned above, wireless access point can reply on PoE extenders for long distance deployment. For people who have existing networking system, including router and PoE switch,just need to join PoE extenders to the working system directly and easily. For consumers who want to take the opportunity to take the advantage of PoE and intend to upgrade the system to a PoE networking system but don’t want to replace the original PSE, PoE injectors should be the solution for you. The connection is almost the same as the first situation, only need to place an PoE injector close to PoE switch, as a result, PoE extender will receive PoE from the PoE injector.

Ethernet cable play an essential role in the long distance connection, in practice, its material and quality do influence the performance to some extent. Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable are common choices for a complete connection of the system. It is highly recommended to utilize pure copper Ethernet cable.

To make PoE wireless access point install over 100 meters, it is of great significance to choose proper PoE extenders so as to reduce the potential to obtain an invalid or unsatisfied deployment, as this consequently impacts usage experience, cost and time.

  • Think of PoE extenders that supports high speed network. From the daily life WiFi network using experience, we can say that a good and strong network signal is the fundamental need for wireless access point to work well in practical application. Wireless access points you know it is able to serve dozens of or hundreds of clients to access for internet browsing, that said these devices require high bandwidth to work. With long distance cable running, data loss rapidly and even with the assistance of PoE extenders, data rate can’t remain as the original, thus, choose PoE extenders that support high network speed is a quite important. For a short distance, fast Ethernet at 100Mbps may be enough, but for a longer distance deployment, PoE extenders support gigabit network at 1000Mbps is much better and more suitable.
  • Use waterproof PoE extenders to ensure reliability. Considering installment environment is of great use to pick up the suitable type, especially for outdoor or industrial uses. There are many issues displayed in real applications when PoE extenders need to place at outdoor harsh environment, such as bad weathers like rainy, storm, ultra high or low temperature, surges, etc. According to the feedback from all kinds of consumers, water is a main problem resulted in device maintenance or replacement. In practice, in general situations, few business will take responsibility for waterlogged devices. Therefore, using correct equipment to protect your PoE extenders from water comes with more possibility to gain a wireless networking system with high reliability.

To fit different applications, there are various types of PoE extenders available on the market for options. It is known that too much options is no option indeed. It is quite difficult to pick out the one that most suitable for real applications from a variety of choices. Below we are going to briefly introduce two main kinds of PoE extenders that supposed to be recommendation.

Waterproof PoE Extender

Waterproof PoE extender is an economic and convenient solution to help IP devices get fast network and reliable power supplying beyond 100 meters. Installing this device can easily manage PoE transmission limitation even at outdoor harsh environment with its distinguished IP67 waterproof design and simple plug-and-play installation. Using two units, you are able to get a maximum of 300 meters extension between two PoE extenders. Complied with IEEE802.3af/at PoE standard, this device is able to supply PoE/PoE+ for different IP devices that are compatible with standard PoE. Equipped with intuitive indicator for a real-time status monitor of the connected device, this can greatly save time to find whether the issue is the PoE extender when the networking system is not work or broke down in the future.


  • IP67 Waterproof design at a lower price
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Useful LED indication
  • Support 300 meters extension with cable only


  • Can only works well with standard PoE-enabled network devices
  • Made by plastic material

Two Port Outdoor Industrial IEEE802.3bt PoE Extender

2 port 802.3bt Gigabit PoE extender is an economic and convenient solution to help IP devices get Gigabit network and up to 30W power beyond 100 meters. Featuring two PoE out ports, it allows you to reuse the existing Ethernet cabling to add one more new IP devices, both PoE and non-PoE are suitable. Complied with IEEE802.3 af/at/bt and used with 95W PoE injector, the PoE extender can receive 60W Max, power, connecting it to your main network and power hungry IP devices can easily manage PoE distance limitation even at outdoor harsh environment with its distinguished IP68 waterproof design and simple plug and play installation.

It can meet various outdoor uses or industrial applications, because this device has lots of advantages to withstand harsh environment of conditions, apart from its superior resistance to water, its durable metal housing(even the cable gland) also a key feature, and it is able to work under ultra low or high temperature due it wide range operation temperature from -40°C ~ 80°C. It is PoE extender support daisy chain, a maximum of 500 meters long distance deployment is available.


  • Two ports help reuse Existing network cabling
  • Plug-and-Play installation
  • Suits for PoE and non-PoE networked devices
  • IP68 waterproof design
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Industrial grade, work at wide operation temperature
  • Daisy chain PoE extender
  • Useful LED indication


  • The size is a little bit large
  • Require a higher cost
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