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PoE Extension Solution Explained and Applications

PoE(Power over Ethernet) allows electric power to be transmitted to PDs in addition to data over a single Ethernet cable and PoE power networking system defines an easier and reliable way to IP devices setup as PoE has shown its benefits on networking system setup, including easy installation, safe connection, reliable system and so on. For the time being, it is widely utilized in practical applications for a variety of IP devices, such as PoE IP camera, PoE wireless access point, VoIP phone, etc. Despite its benefits, long-distance deployment is found to be a common installation issue in PoE networking system setup, as PoE connection has its limitation on transmission distance. That’s why the PoE extension solution occurred and has become an intended way to solve long-distance setup. This article will cover an overall introduction of PoE extension solution and its applications.

Here we give you a short explanation to let you know why long-distance setup would be a common issue and how the transmission limit comes. PoE is a technology using a single Ethernet cable to transmit both power and data to the edge PDs. And Ethernet cables can only support a maximum of 100m(328ft.) transmission distance due to a reduced date rate and power drop, that is said, IP devices won’t get enough bandwidth and power beyond that distance. Various ways opt for you to get long-distance deployment, here we mainly illustrate what is PoE extension solution and why choose it for long-distance deployment.

PoE Extension Solution Explained

PoE extension solution, as its name implied, it is a solution specially designed for long-distance installation, which is capable to solve the PoE transmission distance limit effectively and reliably, extending power and data beyond 100m(328ft.), and even reaching a maximum of 800 meters. Narrow down the extension solution, it is cost-efficient assistance for longer-distance deployment but helps remain Ethernet cabling instead of using other types of cabling, such as fiber optic, coaxial cable, telephone wires, and so on. The solution meets various applications for different types of networked devices, such as IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, laptops, etc.

Distance is not the only highlight point of the PoE extension solution. Besides, this solution supports standard PoE supplying or LAN transmitting for non-PoE devices, making the extension to be safe enough without concern about the data damage to the existing networking system, especially for business uses. You know that reliability is crucial to a networking system, especially for security camera systems, any unexpected fail downs of the system may result in severe loss or hassle.

Moreover, there is no high-tech knowledge is required and it shows a vast advantage on the installation with simple plug-and-play connection and PoE compatibility features, providing reduced installation time. That said, quite a little money can be saved for high-quality device investment but not for the cost of labor employment, and system maintenance.

How Does PoE Extension Work?

PoE extension or Ethernet extension actually works simply and is easy for most users to understand how it works. But this solution allows data and power to be transmitted for IP devices located at long-distance points. There are two key products made from the solution, one is PoE extenders and the other is 800m long-range PoE switches. Both of them are suitable for Ethernet extension and ensure a safe system and offer great ease of installation. In the following, you will have a basic awareness of these two types of PoE extension devices, and perhaps give you a premier concept on choosing the most desired one.

PoE Extenders Brief Introduction

PoE extender, or caller PoE repeater, is an advanced version of Ethernet extender. It is a PoE-powered device that saves extras present AC power. It an additional device simply being placed between the PSE and the PDs. In other words, you can think of it as a connector that required no extra power for the whole connection. Power and data can be repeated to reach another 100 meters with each unit, and you are able to finish a long-distance deployment at a maximum of 500 meters by daisy chain the extenders.

800m PoE Switch Brief Introduction

800 meter PoE switch features long-range PoE transmission over a single long Ethernet cable, you are able to obtain a maximum of 800m transmission for IP devices as it features a special mechanism plus taking advantage of using a specific adaptor at the edge side. No extra electrician active device, in the long run, means it reduces the potential for the risk of equipment falls down caused by the harsh installation environment. Apparently, long cable run in the system intends to serve a better resistance to bad weather, power surges, or other risks alike. The data speed won’t be a concern if you desire to adopt such a switch for IP devices that think network speed is the premise factor. Because the 800m PoE switch can remain 100Mbps network speed even in a 500m deployment. The multiple PoE ports meet the requirements of installation of a system with multiple IP devices around the same location.

PoE Extension Solution Applications

As we mentioned above, PoE extension solution is commonly used for long-distance IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and other non-PoE powered devices. Thinking about what IP devices you plan to add to the system, and how long is the installation point away from the main control room is essential before the last decision on what extension devices to use. What’s more, no matter for home or business uses, it is crucial to choose proper extension devices that can fit connecting devices, practical applications, installation environments with the most compatibility and utility.

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