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Know about Smart PoE Functions

Nowadays, more and more people intend to use PoE technology in their networking system for the reason that PoE comes with many advantages, such as easy to use, money saving, and high performance etc. To take these advantages to supply power and network for your network devices, such as PoE IP cameras , PoE Access Points, VoIP phones, you would turn to PoE switch for help. In the process of choosing suitable PoE switches, you may find some smart PoE functions from the description of the product. I believe you may be confused about them and wonder to gain some knowledge from them. Fortunately, you are able to get the answer in this blog.

We mainly talk about three smart PoE functions that are less commonly known for the majority of users that only have basic knowledge of PoE technology or PoE switches, however provide great use on the real applications with their own specific features.

PoE Scheduling

PoE scheduling is an environmental friendly function that allows you to schedule the working time of your PoE switch, that means it is possible for the network manager to control the time whether to supply PoE to the connecting end network devices on specific ports according to the actual applications. This function can be available via easy configuration on the web. If you are still confused about its benefit in your business or home use. Let’s break down with an instance directly. In an office, there is no doubt that multiple network devices are supposed to be connected in one switch, such as PoE IP camera, PoE access point, VoIP phone etc. However, you should note the fact that not all the network devices are required to keep operating for 24/7, such as in the off duty time from 6pm to 8am, the access point can be turned off during these long periods, not to mention weekends. Using the PoE scheduling you are able to realize power saving and network load releasing at some extent. One thing to notice is that this function only makes sense in managed PoE switches.

PoE Watchdog Function

With PoE watchdog function, the operation stability of the connecting network devices come with a good guarantee because this function in the PoE switch provide 24/7 continues alive check, that is why called watchdog, it helps monitor the operation status of the ports to ensure the end network devices functioning in a correct way to avoid system stop working just like the dog watching your house. This function works simply, the switch sends a ping to the PD periodically, if several ping doesn’t get answer, the PD can be restart and returned to correct status automatically, which is quite useful to reduce the hassle that technicians need go to control room dedicatedly to solve problem of malfunction during operation, saving time and enhancing reliability and work efficiency.

PoE Ring Network

PoE ring network is a flexible networking deployment solution for some specific applications that requires to deploy network devices in the shape of a circle or straight line. For instance, if you want to set up a camera security and surveillance system from the outer of the school. With common solutions, you need to run a network and power cable across a large area, which would be difficult to deploy in such a large volume of people’s environment and the deployment period is long. With a PoE ring network, you just need to install several ring PoE switches at the outer of the school and leave one connected to the main network, a stable ring network can be formed, there is no need to run long cable across a wide area. What’s more, the ring technology allows these PoE ring switches to work in a more reliable way, because the ring network system offers fast recovery and continuous operation for your network devices even if you experience the case that one of the switches fails.

The above three functions are just tip of the iceberg of PoE technology, you are supposed to get more benefits from PoE technology in various practices. Fortunately, Fastcabling provides PoE switches that serve you with these smart PoE functions, such as 5900-60 managed PoE switch, visual PoE switch, PoE ring network switch etc.

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