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PoE Networking System Set Up

PoE switches are common devices to build a networking system with PoE for various PDs (powered devices) in home and commercial applications, such as IP cameras, Access points(APs), VoIP phone etc, which especially suit for users who plan to set up network devices in locations that are hard or even impossible to access AC outlets, because PoE technology allows single Ethernet cable to carry sufficient electrical currency that PDs required, saving extra electrical wire lines deployment. Fastcabling PoE switches and solution provide multiple choices on PoE ports and network speed, feature plug and play installation, give great compatibility on IEEE 802.3 at/af compliant devices with up to 30W power output. We dedicate to help users finish network deployment in an easy, flexible but secure way.

What are the advantages of Power over Ethernet?

Money saving – PoE technology requires few electricity technical knowledge, you can finish the installation following instruction, saving the cost for hiring professional electrical installers.

Flexibility- PoE is popularly applied in the places where hard to find power supply(AC outlet) or reach easily, such as ceiling, outdoor deployment, industrial environment.

Standardization – Majority of PoE devices are complied with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standard, which implies most of powered devices that you own will not confront compatibility problem, proving convenience when choosing PoE devices.

Easy to use – connect power sourcing equipment (PSE) to PDs with twisted-pair Ethernet cable, such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, or WAPs.

Scalability – PoE devices are designed plug and play, you can add new equipment fast without expensive and inconvenient new power lines installation.

Safety – PoE devices work in low power voltage so that it is safe enough to reduce electrical accident for the network system.

Why choose Fastcabling PoE Switches?

Most satisfaction

In the purchase process, suitable products would be the best choice. You can find a suitable type of PoE switch to meet your needs on PoE port, network speed, total power budget. There are 4, 8, 16, 24 port PoE switches with 100/1000Mbps network speed. High speed network is the guarantee for stable data streaming, such as video streaming, game playing, WiFi signal transmitting. As you know, bad network speed and unexpected network outage during work time must be frustrated and cause low efficiency. Therefore, it is rather important to choose PoE switch that provide stable network performance and switching capacity.

High security and safety

Choosing high performance as well as good quality not only make use on our physical safety but also date security. PoE switches adopt seamless connection, which enable you to add device to the network system without breaking the original network or data. Complied with IEEE 802. 3af/at/bt standard, the PoE switches can works normally with various PoE or non-PoE devices, offering greater compatibility. Furthermore, these PoE switches are standard switches with low voltage and auto detected function, in other word, PoE switches grant power gradually and automatically, so there is less or even no risk to trigger fire accidents or affect usage life of other devices.

Sufficient power

As the increasing demand of high power to network devices, Fastcabling PoE switches are equipped to supply efficient power of 30W, 60W, 90W. Generally,  30W output power of each port is  able to make common IP cameras work with stable and adequate power consumption. After all,  continuous operation is crucial in the field of surveillance and security. In terms of other high power applications, 60W visual switches and 90W PoE switch can meet your needs. Besides, 95W PoE injector is also an efficient solution to settle down power supplying issue.

Energy saving

PoE switches transmit power via Ethernet cable, so there would be low loss of power, saving a great mount of electricity in the long run. With the auto detect function, PoE switches give suitable power to the connected devices. If one PoE IEEE 802. 3at standard device requires 25. 5W power, the PoE switch will release 25. 5W to the device exactly, so no power will be wasted and these power can be utilized for more devices to be connected in the network system. What’s more,  communication link detection prevents all the PoE ports of the PoE switch from being active at the same time and the PoE ports can be configured to allow each port to be activated at the interval time. This truly help saving energy and unnecessary electricity cost.

Convenient centralized management

PoE switches comes with the function of injector, which means power of the whole network system can be centrally distributed and managed at the back-end. Remote network device can be powered from the back-end by the PoE switches. There’s no denying that centralized management provides great convenience and flexibility on deployment points of front-end devices, because decentralized AC outlets would be costly in the deployment. At the same time, this is useful to simplify wiring so as to keep the simple and beauty of the circumstances.

Simple and flexible installation

PoE switches feature plug and play installation, the uses can accomplish by themselves fast and simply, eliminating complicate configuration and professional technical knowledge. Wall mount and desktop design allow you install flexibly in its compact size.

Easy maintenance

As the above-mentioned, centralized management of power, all you need to concern are the switch and its adaptor and Ethernet cables. Due to the PoE switches feature excellent surge protection and carrier grade electrical protection to protect from various power surges, so the switches can work normally even in the lightning weather.

Product Recommendation

Unmanaged PoE Switch

4-Port PoE+ Switch with 2 Uplink Ports

4-Port PoE+ Switch with 2 Uplink Ports is a flexible device to transmit adequate power and safe reliable network for HD IP surveillance or WiFi system.

8-Port PoE+ Switch with 2 uplink ports

8-Port PoE+ Switch with 2 uplink ports is a flexible device to transmit adequate power and safe reliable network for HD IP surveillance or WiFi system.

Managed Network Switch

Visual Gigabit PoE Switch with SFP

Visual Gigabit PoE Switch with SFP is ideal for small and medium sized business to add a central management system and transmit power and data for IP powered devices.

16 Port 90W Managed PoE Switch with 4 SFP

16 Port 90W Managed PoE Switch with 4 SFP is ideal for enterprise network and data center to build a central management system of power and data for long distance IP powered devices.

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