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Using PoE Networking System in Office Building

In the past, two cables were used to send power and data separately. Cabling becomes complex when many devices need to be powered in the field. With the rise of PoE technology, it is possible to send power and data on the same Ethernet cable. This technology provides new network solutions in commercial installations like office buildings.

What are the advantages of PoE?

Simplifying installation
The PoE combines two cables into single one which reduces about half of the cable in the system. As long as the Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable has been put up properly, the network devices are ready to be installed. The power is going through each Ethernet cable before reaching the remote powered devices.

Saving Cost
As we mentioned below, what you need are the Ethernet cable, PoE switch and powered device. Simple plug and play helps to set up the network fast. If you choose to build commercial network without PoE support, a professional electrician is required to take care of the power line. The installation cost could be higher.

PoE is quite flexible, especially when the power source is absent in the field. Where the cable goes, the power source follows. The technology enables the transportation of power and data on single Ethernet cable. So a powered device is not necessary to plug in the power outlet directly.

It is easier to manage network systems with PoE technology. The visual PoE switch . All the powered devices’ condition can be monitored with this kind of visual switch.

What application will use PoE in office buildings?

LED lights are one of them. LED light is a low voltage device, and usually it consumes 13-15 watts power. The standard PoE provides 15.4 watts of power. So a PoE injector which meets this standard can be used when powering the LED light. Connecting LED lights to PoE devices gives users access to manage smart lighting. LED lighting can be controlled through mobile devices like tablet or mobile phone.

Wireless access point (or WAP)is another network device which can take advantage of PoE technology. Lack of WiFi coverage is inconvenient for everyone in the office. Adding an access point will improve the WiFi signal coverage. Now a single Ethernet cable can provide power and data to each access point. Repeating the WiFi signal becomes an easy job with PoE.

The PoE switch also helps set up door access control with the next PoE system standard IEEE 802.3bt, which can output 95W power in single Ethernet cable. The door access control usually demands high power because of the door striking. The 95W PoE injector delivers enough power for most of the door control system. The standalone access control unit or reader can be linked to PoE switch to acquire both power and network. PoE solution simplifies the system design of access control systems.

VoIP phone is a typical application in business. One Ethernet cable will be enough for each VoIP after PoE solution is employed. Uninterrupted power supply becomes possible as the power source is centralized in the PoE switch. People still can make calls when the power is cut off in an emergency.

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