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Network Extension Between Buildings – Copper & Fiber

Long distance network transmission always confuses us. As we know, network signal transmission is limited by copper material. If using cropper cable to transmit over 100 meters, the signal would become too weak to support devices working.

With convenient networks, we are able to set up IP camera systems to improve security safety. In the case of building A to building B, backyard to garage, warehouse to home, firstly it should have network connectivity there. In some situations, we may have to consider the power as well. Electronic equipment such as IP cameras, access point VoIP, not only need data but also power. In order to guarantee the devices working well 24/7, reliable and convenient networks with power systems are very essential.

The article would show 3 ways to extend the network from one place to the other. If you want to extend the network between 100-500 meters, the first solution is the right choice to go. If longer distance is required, like home to farms, the last 2 ways have provided some useful ideas.

  • Long distance up to 500 meters.

In this way, we can use PoE products to reach a network extension at a maximum of 500 meters. Namely, it allows us to extend network and power at a distance like home to backyard warehouse.

 Equipment needed:

1. PoE switch

2. PoE extenders

3. Cat5e cables

You may be confused about what PoE is and how it helps to extend the network? PoE, power over Ethernet, is a technology that transports data and power over single Ethernet cable. That means we do not need to prepare an extra power adapter which will reduce cables and simplify installation.

How does it work? PoE switch transports data and power to front-end IP devices. It always has power source equipment such as PoE switch or PoE injector at back-end. These PoE switches or PoE injectors will send the power and data to the PoE extender, the PoE extender catches it and boosts up for the next 100 meters. 4 units PoE extenders linked together with daisy chain setup can provide a total 500 meters PoE transmission.

Firstly, we need one PoE switch port to connect to PoE extender. Now the PoE extender gets data and power which will transport both of them to an IP device or the next PoE extender over Cat5e/cat6 Ethernet cables.

If we need to expand RJ45 ports at the front end, we can use pass through PoE switch. Similar as PoE extender, pass through PoE switch is powered by a PoE injector at back-end, and create multiple PoE ports for remote IP devices. As the latest IEEE802.3bt standard is employed, the pass through PoE switch supply total power budget up to 71W.

  • Long distance up to 80KM (Power from front-end)

Equipment needed:

1. PoE switch

2. Fiber cable

3. Media converter

4 .Ethernet cables

If the power source is available at the front end, what we need is the media converter to set up the fiber link network. The advantage of fiber optical cable is fast data speed, low latency and long distance transmission. It is basically the light transmission in the fiber cable. The fiber optical signal will be converted back to electronic signal and go through Ethernet cable after the media converter.

Firstly, install SFP modules on PoE switch and media converter. If a PoE switch has an SFP slot, it saves one media converter. Otherwise, two media converters are needed at two buildings. The network system needs a converter to transfer optic signals into electronic signals.

Now use fiber optic cable to link SFPs that inserted in the two sides media converters.

Finally we have done the connection between two buildings with fiber optical link.

In addition, if we want to use a media converter to back up multiple IP devices, we can connect the media converter to a network switch. The switch would get data from the converter and support data to multiple IP devices.

  • Long distance up to 2.5km(Power from back-end)

This connection way is to solve the issue while the power source is difficult to acquire at the front end. As we know, fiber optical cable does not deliver power and electronic devices need power to supply it work. In this way, building A would like to offer power as well as data.

Equipment needed:

1. Media converter

2. Fiber PoE extender.

3. Siamese fiber cable

Similar to the above solution, it needs to put a fiber optical link between two buildings. The fiber optical can’t transport the power, however we can add one pair copper or Siamese fiber optical cable which has integrated copper cable to send the power in parallel. The voltage drop is the first issue for long distance power transmission. DC55-DC57V is properly voltage as it is safe to human beings. After the fiber PoE extender receives the power, it will boost up the voltage and regulate to DC48V output for front end PoE devices. Both non-PoE and PoE equipment can’t be connected to the fiber PoE extender at the other end. Constructed to voltage drop, the maximum meaningful PoE distance is 2500-3000 meters, the voltage will become too low to supply the PoE ip device, most of the power will be lost on the cable. The fiber PoE extender is a convenient tool for long distance PoE networks, where the network goes, the power follows.

Generally speaking, if the network extends from 2 buildings within 500 meter, users can choose a PoE extender to repeater network. It is a good choice for users to pick fiber solutions while extending the network far from 2.5km.

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