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Best Way To Extend Your Network Beyond 100 Meters

We all know that the network signal will become worse when copper cable distance is over 100 meter. Because of this, some of the unexpected issues such as connection drop, high latency may arise once the cable distance reaches the limitation. There is one kind of product named network extender or Ethernet repeater which can fix this issue. By using network extender or Ethernet repeater you will be able to extend the network connection beyond 100M.

However, the network extender requires power like any other electronic devices. The power outlet has to be placed every 100 meters in order to supply the extender. Now you need to solve the problems of power sources. It is a bit troubling, isn’t it? The new solution PoE network extender( also named PoE extender) can help you get rid of the power source issue. The poe network extender is taking the advantages of power over Ethernet technology. So what is PoE?

PoE, which stands for Power over Ethernet, means sending data and electric power to remote devices through one cable. While using PoE products, both power and network can be transported over a single Ethernet cable. It provides a final solution for both power supply and network extension.

There are some advantages of using PoE. First, it saves time and money. The setup of power cable requires a qualified technician, so you have to pay them to do cabling work. Sometimes it will take long time to finish the job. But now you won’t worry about this while using PoE. The PoE power system is running under DC48V which is perfectly safe for human being. The power signature architecture guarantees the power can be sent to the right place.

The PoE network extender has integrated PoE technology to extend network which take care of both power and data transporting. Usually the DC48V power is injected in the center and passes through the cable to each of the extender. Therefore no power outlet is needed if you use PoE network extender. For example, you want to setup network link which is 300 meters far. You will need an PoE injector, two PoE extenders and three rolls of 100m network cable. At the beginning of the connection, the one end of RJ45 will be connected to PoE injector, then another end will connect to input of extender. The output of PoE extender will be linked to the second 100m Ethernet cable. Repeat the same steps to join third 100 meters cable. The final RJ45 will be connected to your PC network.

Why use PoE network extenders? Like what we mentioned above, the PoE saves installation time and cost. Simple plug and play. No programming required. The PoE network extender is transparent to the network protocols. Inline power allows PoE extenders to remove the outlet closed to each network extender. The power will be sent from the center, power backup becomes possible from the center. Using PoE network extender also provides more flexibility while deploying the network device. Where the cable goes, the power source follows. PoE network extender can be buried under the ground with protective closure.

Some people may ask whether PoE network extenders are fit into non-PoE devices or not. The answer is Yes. The PoE network extender always detects the signal feedback from the remote device before releasing the power. If a no-PoE device is connected to the extender, it will send the data without power. The PoE extender also can supply the poe device at the remote end. When the extender is connected to a device such as PoE IP camera and access point at the end of the Ethernet cable, the remaining power can supply those devices as well as the network. It is extremely convenient to deploy the network when the power source is difficult to acquire. The below is the video of a PoE extender working with both PoE and NON-PoE devices.

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