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How to Work with 800 Meters Long Distance PoE Switch

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology presents great value for IP devices such as IP cameras. Single Ethernet cable can carry both power and data to the remote IP devices, that means the power cord is eliminated next to the camera. The PoE technology has 100 meters transmission distance limitation, which is the same as the TCP/IP. While in some scenario, we may need more than 100 meters distance especially when the IP devices are being deployed at outdoor.

Certainly, PoE Extender is one of the tool to overcome this problem, which is able to repeat the PoE Network to realize extension. One PoE Extender provides 100 meters extra distance and you are allowed to use 4 units of PoE Extender and daisy chain up to deliver 500 meters PoE. Each PoE Extender grabs the power from the PoE inline, consumes a little bit, and pass the rest of the power to the next PoE Extender or eventually the front end powered device. Meanwhile, the network signal will boost up in each PoE Extender as well.

Actually, there is another option to extend the PoE network. It is the 800 meters long distance PoE Switch. The major difference between the PoE Extender and the 800 meters long distance PoE Switch is there is no activate devices in the 800 meters connection. It simply using the cat5e/cat6 Ethernet cable.

By adopting this solution, you will need 800 meters long reach PoE Switch to replace your current PoE Switch. You should know it is not all the ports support long distance PoE but only the dedicated port is capable of outputting long reach signal and the power. As in most of actual applications, there is few possibility to demand all ports for supporting long reach PoE.

Besides, at the camera end, the Ethernet cable need to pass through the long distance POE adaptor before it reach to your camera. You see, the 800 meters long distance PoE is capable of outputting long distance to your IP device, while the IP device try to send back the signal to the switch, it needs adaptor to boost up the signal for 800 meters. That is why PoE adaptor has to be installed to each long distance IP cameras.

The advantage of 800 meters PoE switch is quite obviously. There is no activate devices within 800 meters. It is just the cable which is one of the most reliable setup. Thing like double-edged sword. As there is no active device within each 100 meters like PoE Extender. The maximum data speed is 100mbps in 300 meters. While the distance is longer than 300 meters. The data rate starts dropping. It will become only 10mbps between 500-800 meters. The data rate is still good enough for some applications like single IP camera setup after 500 meters.

In practical application, the cable could be the issue. It may be difficult to find the 600 or 800 meters Ethernet cable in one single roll. The waterproof Ethernet cable coupler is simple tool to extend the Ethernet cable. There is no component within the coupler. It conjuncts two Ethernet cables together physically.

One thing to remember, when you pick the Ethernet cable, the pure copper cable is required in order to guarantee 800 meters long distance transmission. The pure copper cable can reduce the power lost inline effectively. The cat6 pure copper is also useful to improve the performance. Technically, the cat6 cable should be a little bit thicker than cat5e. The thicker the copper cable, the power lost is also less in general.

I know you may wondering how 800 meters PoE become possible. This is all thanks to IEEE802.3bt next generation PoE design. In PoE/PoE+, only two twisted pairs cable are being used to send the power. This IEEE802.3bt occupied all four twisted pairs to send the power. Combine other methods like increasing the injected power from DC48V to DC54V so as to let the remain power still has around 17W after the 800 meters transmission.

The long distance PoE bring the new challenge to your remote IP devices regarding the surge protection. The surge may be picked up anywhere between the switch and remote IP devices. It will go forward two directions. If your IP camera is insufficient with strong surge protection design, you can add outdoor PoE surge protector next to your camera.

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