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How to Extend Your Fiber Optical Cable

Fiber optical cable provides great advantages rather than copper cat5e/cat6 cable. It can extend up to 120 km long distance network. Low latency makes the video pop up fast than employing copper cable. The fiber optic cable also will not pick up the surge in the environment and lead back to the IP camera or NVR. However, it is not easy to finish the termination of fiber optical cable. The expensive spice tools as well as the know-how skills are needed. Moreover, the small deviation even the dust could cause fiber optic signal being distorted.

Pre-made fiber optical cable is a fair solution to settle the complicate connection issue. Let’s take a close look at this cable. There are pulling eyes on both terminators that allow to install the pull the cable easily. Each connectors are protected by the rubber tube to prevent damage during the pulling process. With the combination of  Fastcabling special-designed portable fiber optic cable caddy, no special skill are required to install he pre-terminated fiber optical cable.

In addition, one more challenge is remained, it is the length of the pre-made fiber optical cable that you require. The Fastcabling pre-terminated fiber optical cable has covered several options of cable length, that are 100/300/500 meters.

What if the required length is not long enough by using one of these options, for example we need 800 meters in the field. We can use the fiber optical cable couplersto conjunct two or more pieces of pre-made fiber optic cables together.

The below is the duplex LC fiber optic cable coupler. It comes with IP68 waterproof rate. The fiber optic cable couple is pretty easy to use. What you need to do is pass the pre-terminated cable through clamping nut, sealing rubber and connect the LC adaptor. As we know, the most frangible part of fiber optical cable is the pigtail. To force the strength, the armored design is added to the pigtail and extra PVC is put on the armor to provide reliable waterproof capacity. 

There is one trick to use the coupler. It is you are always asked to close the body before you seal the rubber and the fasten the clamping nut. You see, it is the duplex LC fiber. If you clamping the nut and fasten the body, it will twisted the pigtail and break the fiber optical cable eventually even it has armor to protect the cable. While you release the cable from the adapter, the process should be opposite. Release the clamping nut before you release the body.

Once the length is no longer being the issue, the pre-made fiber optical cable can be deployed in multiple applications. The below is the video how to combine two pre-made fiber optical cable together.

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