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Which Cameras You Should Choose to Meet Your Demand?

There is no denying that security CCTV camera is a common device for improving security and ensuring safety effectively as its live streaming video can be watched on monitors remotely for real-time surveillance or recorded down as forceful evidence with the combination of video recorder for preventing loss. Frankly, owning a reliable and practical security and surveillance system is quite necessary for various types of businesses or home. However, security CCTV camera industry has been through centuries evolution, from the initial analogue camera to IP camera and to the latest PoE IP camera that integrates PoE technology, it is not an easy job to decide to employ which types or to make sure what cameras are well-matched your requirements and demands. Don’t worry, in this article, we will highlight some worthy noting things on your purchase strive and get you covered with some greater products available in our website.

To the starter, let’s get close look on the brief introduction of different types of security cameras.

Box cameras: this basically looks like a box and generally it is designed at small size, which is mainly used in some constrained space, and it generates the least attention in the actual applications, that means it is less noticeable for the approaching people. Due to its compact size, its lens are relatively to cover less monitoring range, therefore it suits to place close to the monitor target to get clearer image.

Dome Cameras: this kind of cameras comes with shape of a dome, and its lens are well protected by a transparent cover. Its sizes mainly depends on the size of the housing, there are different sizes for you to choose. Typically, the bigger the housing you choose, the greater deferent the camera can provide, vice versa. It is quite common for us to find them mounting on the ceiling of various business areas. They suits for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Bullet Cameras: this camera is designed in the shape of bullet, and they comes with larger size, thus they are far less discreet and act as practical security guards to deter potential criminals.  They usually have a better monitor range in the combination of two different cameras that are pointed to opposite directions. Also, while bullet cameras are typically rated highly in weatherproof and are often used for outdoor surveillance.

PTZ Camera: PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom, and they’re pretty much the be-all end-all of surveillance cameras. PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled to look at what you want, when you want. Because they allows you to pan side-to-side, tilt up and down as well as zoom in and out to realize an overall monitoring to meet practical applications or situations.

Wireless Cameras: these cameras give you chance to save network cabling, especially for those applications require to keep the tidiness and completeness of their properties as there is no tangle network cables and holes on walls. No network cabling means the cameras don’t occupy the Ethernet ports, this enables you to utilize those ports for other uses that call for higher data stream stability, saving money to buy new network switch.

Next, knowing some top factors of security cameras is bound to pave a better way for a satisfactory selection.

Image quality- this is a basic feature to judge whether the camera is eligible to called security camera, as capturing clear image is the core to provide protection in practical applications. The image quality mainly depends on the camera’s lens. You’d better choose camera with resolution of at least 2MP, if out of the consideration of budget, you are opt to choose 3MP, 4MP, 5MP and 4K, because the higher the resolution is, the better the video image quality you receive. The size of the lens, or the field of view also draws effect on image quality at some extent. In the same resolution, the deeper the viewing field, the more clear details you get.

See clearly at low light environment-this feature is crucial to ensure property security, as dark night or low light environment could be a natural cover to criminals or people with evil thoughts. Night vision function offers reliable round-the-clock surveillance, and still allows you to capture clear image within a certain range. Lacking of this feature, your business or home security and safety definitely plays a big discount.

Easy to install-no one would like to spend plenty of time on installation, especially for business, a short deployment time is important to their operating. For easy install, PoE IP camera or wireless camera are preferences for you. PoE technology transmit power and data simultaneously via single Ethernet cable, you can finish connection with easy plug and play. Meanwhile, wireless camera comes with advantage of eliminating network cabling, this would save a lot of work and time on the whole camera system deployment.

Sturdy and durable design-qualified cameras should be sturdy and durable enough to provide longer usage life in the wear and tear. Choose cameras in metal material to resist all weather conditions and erosion or damages from the vandalism. In particular if you want to install at outdoor circumstance.

3rd Party Compatible-if you plan to set up a security camera system with NVR or DVR, one thing to be noted that you need to look for cameras that comply with 3rd party protocol so as to make cameras work well with most of NVRs or DVRs available on the market.

Reading this, I believe you are supposed to have a general idea about what cameras meet your requirements most and provide better surveillance in practical security camera system. Let’s start to get your own suitable camera now.

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