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Person Detection VS. Motion Auto Tracking

Technology has truly taken its place in the 21st century, just like the security surveillance system, it has already reached expectations that we did not expect, speaking of security surveillance , it’s a common knowledge that it serves the purpose of providing security, and adding to that, some PTZ cameras also have the capabilities of auto tracking, but most of the people are unaware of some of its advanced capabilities that it possess. So in this article we are going to give a brief introduction of two of the less mentioned capabilities, which are the person detection and the motion auto tracking.

Now the security camera comes with different detection modes, which depends on what motions events will trigger the cameras detection and be recorded down, as for this article, we will be focusing on the difference between the two modes and each benefits they bring to the table. Enough is said, let’s get to our first question, what is person detection.

What is a person’s detection? The definition of it is quite easy to understand, you can see it as a detector that detects humans, that is correct in a way, but it would not be entirely true due to the fact that it’s not the technical explanation, so let me elaborate. It uses computer vision to detect people within the range of the camera, through this feature, you can customize your video and alert preferences to decide whether you want to see video and alert for all motion such as people only or have them suppressed. And just a reminder, person detection is available for all verses and for all canary devices that are running firmware version 3.0 or above.

After knowing what a person detection is, now let us provide you some of the main benefits it brings.

1.Help get rid of frequent false alarms.

Unlike the old motion detectors, that are easily triggered on any object that moves, in which case it might not be good especially for outdoors surveillance, because this causes false alarm and you will lose faith in it. As for the person detector, it has the advance ability to detect human detection far more accurately, therefore it reduces false alarm.

2.Easy to get video clips only include people’s activities in playback.

If you activate the person detection function, you are able to know the location of the video clip only contains person activities because there is an indicated mark for convenience located in playback, which saves a lot of time to find and check a great amount of video footage to make sure security or fact.

Easy to access with few investments . Although advanced person detection can reduce false alarm effectively and practically for applications that only require to monitor people, it probably doesn’t make sense when cameras come with this function, which are used for other applications, such as farmyard, parking lot etc.

What is Motion tracking? (  Auto tracking  )

Before introducing the motion tracking, you must know that it is a combination of both motion detection and auto tracking technology. That being said, what is a motion auto tracking, it basically tracks moving objects, but that is just a simple definition of it, so let me go deeper on that. Being able to move by definition is almost required by the motion tracking function. Thanks to its motorized joints it has a wider range and an advancing programming system, this allows the motion tracking function to not only detect when something is entering their frame range but also tracking it as it moves within the range of the frame.

 As of now you know what motion tracking is, therefore here are some of the benefits it brings.

1.Provide high security in low traffic areas

It will provide you with enhanced security, you will be able to configure the system, and just like getting an alert from a text message, it will alert you if motions are detected in the predetermined restricted area. By doing this, it will provide you with notifications when the cameras detect movement.

2.Minimizes the need for manual to reduce operator distraction

Unlike the traditional manual tracking function, which requires the operator to find the monitoring target and locate them by clicking, while due to the fact that the motion auto tracking has an advanced function mode, so there is no need for operator to track the target by costing lots of attention, which is convenient as the camera can track the target and record by itself automatically.

3.Convenient to monitor potential targets in a large area with high quality images.

Additionally, even if the target is far away from the monitoring camera, the high quality image still can be retained with 20x or 30x or higher zoom technology. This makes it have a wider range of applications, like the main user would be the military, and then come sports and entertainment etc.

4.Require less camera.

This has a reason for it, because it doesn’t have the need to install more cameras, why? It’s because motion tracking can not only track moving objects automatically but also cover a wide monitor range by taking advantage of pan-tilt-zoom function. That means there is no need to set the camera at intervals to have an overall monitoring.

5.Require less time to search video to get effective information.

You can configure the system according to your requirements, to not only start recording when movements are being detected, thus helping reduce the time spent in reviewing the footage, because recording only includes the time frame when events happen.

I hope this article may provide you with the knowledge you need. Try to find suitable cameras with specific functions that serve your demand most from our website so as to get overall and reliable security and safety with video camera surveillance.

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