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How to set up a PoE camera surveillance system?

Security surveillance is one of the primary concerns for us, but do we know what we are looking for in a surveillance system. Why we need this surveillance system is for obvious reason, to gain more office property security and work environment safety, but there is a main reason why a lot of huge enterprise are going for the PoE IP-based surveillance, the answer is simple, to get a better footage and record workers daily with a HD video footage. That is a question I am going to let you decide once I give you the general idea of the system. there’s more to it, so let me give you a grand introduction of the IP-based surveillance system.

Differnce between analog cameras- IP cameras – PoE cameras

It’s normal if you don’t know the difference between these different camera systems, it is confusing when you don’t have the background knowledge of surveillance, so here is some main difference between them that is considered easy to understand. The main difference between an analog camera and an  IP(Internet protocol)camera is footage quality, video analytics, flexibility and scalability. As you can figure out by now, the IP-based system has a lot of advantage then the analog-based system. Additionally, PoE IP camera is more hassle-free device in small-to-medium sized security camera system. Because PoE camera gain power and network from the PoE-enabled power sourcing devices (PoE switch, PoE injector), that means no dedicated AC power source are needed near the camera sides, especially when the amount of the cameras is not just one or two rarely.

How to set up a PoE camera surveillance system?

First of all what is a PoE(Power over Ethernet)? Well don’t be too worry if you don’t have the background or the knowledge about surveillance system, it basically refers to a system that passes electrical power along with data on an Ethernet cable. As we mentioned, this bundles power and data together and removes the necessity of a separate power source, which just adds more cables. A PoE switch also allows you to rig more cameras together to the same NVR. These switches can provide several ports for connecting cameras, and then those PoE in turn can be connected to a single NVR in a “tree” style. That makes everything far more simple to operate, and I know for sure that most of us like the simple way. Now to set up a PoE camera surveillance is easy, it doesn’t need a lot of cables ,it just need two cables, one for the switch(router), and the other for the Internet, which is the PoE cable that is both the power source of the surveillance camera and the internet connection.

As mentioned earlier, you know that the PoE security camera system setup mainly requires three devices, namely PoE switch, NVR and PoE camera as well certainly. Then you may confront with the difficulty to figure out what products are suitable and qualified enough to guarantee a safe and overall protection to your property. In the following will give you some enlightened tips by taking products from Fastcabling.


Cameras are the essential part in a practical surveillance system setup. Choosing cameras might be a difficult thing as there are so many types of cameras available on the market. PoE IP cameras range from fixed camera or vari-focal camera to PTZ camera.

Actually, fixed camera is mainly divided into bullet camera and speed doom camera, which dress with different shapes of housing.

Bullet camera equipped with a rectangle shell looks like its name said “bullet”  that comes with bigger space to give option of adopting bigger lens for long distance monitor and it offers most simplicity and flexibility on installation with it wall mount design. Besides, bullet cameras are also called lipstick cameras for the reason that you are able to find a little lip on the tip of camera, making them ideal for resisting water or other weather condition at outdoor application. Furthermore, bullet camera is more obvious to deter any criminal in potential. This camera suits for using at parking lot or other location where requires long range monitoring and visible deterrence.

Whereas, speed dome camera looks like a dome and it is also called mini-dome or glass-dome camera as its len is well protected by a transparent glass hemispherical cover. Thus, it features low profile to make to more unnoticeable and discreet in some high-traffic locations, which would be a practical way to avoid vandalism. Speed dome camera are most commonly install under the ceilings indoor, outdoor eave of front door or soffit.  

While vari-focal camera is the variety of the fixed camera, you can also say this type of camera is just on the contrary of fixed camera, because they are equipped with lens that is capable to be adjust to a specific focus range from 2.8mm-12mm. If you have requirement of monitoring a specific space and gaining more clear image of more details at the same time, vari-focal camera are best choice.

PTZ camera is a speed dome camera that allows you to pan right or pan left, tilt up or tilt down as well as zoom in or zoom out for getting large viewing range that fixed camera can’t realize. Typically, this camera are widely used in supermarket, airport etc.

Different cameras have their own position generally, it is advisable to choose according to your requirement and practical environment. 2MP or 5MP cameras provide different video image quality available in Fastcabling, you are opt to utilize at location at different they offer better night vision capacity to let you monitor at low light or dark environment with a long range to see clearly, as you know that night time is the most possibility period occur security problem, so you should use a camera with better night vision. In addition, they all support great protection even at outdoor application with IP68 waterproof rating and reliable vandal-resistant enclosure.

PoE Switch

When setting up a small to medium sized PoE security camera system,  the PoE switch is a key element to support power and network for those cameras. That you may need to estimate the a general amount of needed cameras, that means you should have a general idea how many Ethernet ports are required. What’s more, network speed is quite significant to video streaming smoothly. You’d better buy switches provide gigabit network, this may ensure smooth video streaming even the cameras are positioned a little bit far from the main network control room. Additionally, sufficient power is also need to be considered, this implies you should point to the switches power budget, this step may call for some calculating. In a system consists of dozens of or hundreds of cameras, switching capacity is of great use to make camera works in organization when upload or down video data. There are various of types of PoE switches are able to meet your demands and feature with different smart PoE function such as PoE scheduling, watchdog function, visual LCD screen for directly monitoring etc. There are core switches for you to control cameras centrally.


NVR is a useful tool for a small to medium sized PoE security camera system to record large amount video down as force evidence in the future and view live video streaming on PC or monitors to control your business security on the whole. You are optional to build the system with the combination of NVR with different amount of channel, Fastcabling gives you options of 16 channels, 32 channels and 64 channels. All of them grant you convenience on locating useful video clip with it event playback function. You are supposed to select a NVR that can provide high definition, whether you can capture clear image is essential to video surveillance.

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