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Outdoor Surge Protection System Explain and Set Up

Surge protection is of great importance to protect your home of office used electronics in particular for applications positioned at outdoor complex environment. As you know that some bad weather such as thundering, lightning, and storming are probably with higher potential for triggering electrical accidents resulting in fire or equipment damage for the reason that something called surges or spikes is inclined be so active extraordinarily. Some situations in daily life occur unexpectedly, for instance the blue sky change into dark lightning storm in a sudden. And we are not fortunate or conditioned to unplug all the electronics timely. Therefore, in case your valuable equipments suffer from unexpected damage that may threat people safety, cause property or crucial data loss, a reliable power surge protection is necessary. Today, the article tends to explain some knowledge about surge protection, which mainly protecting your PoE IP camera system exposed at outdoor dangerous environment and attempts to give you some tips on set up a practical surge protection system.

Power surges and power fluctuations happen when electricity increase a lot suddenly, which may take voltage range from several voltage to thousands or tens of thousands of voltage to your electronics or appliance. To be honest, power surge take place in our daily life occasionally, such as you restart your hair dryer, this flows about 4-5 voltage, whereas lightning strike on a transformer generate thousands of voltage that may let your valuable electronics at risk of being damaged.

I believe majority of people call for security camera system to ensure home or office safety and security, and it is a fairly common occurrence that install security cameras at outdoor environment to form reliable protection from outside. Just as mentioned previous, your PoE IP cameras are in danger of experiencing various surges or spikes under bad weather condition. Frankly, PoE-enabled devices come with more serious surge damage as their power is from back-end network devices (PoE switch, PoE injector, PoE router), that means surges or spikes flow toward two sides, namely, back-end PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) and front-end PD (Powered device), this would be catastrophic loss, especially for business requires continuous operation. Thus, it is imperative to understand employing some protective measures to act as a prevention is useful to avoid or reduce such incident. To solve this problem, Fastcabling has launched surge protection system that is particular designed for PoE IP camera system.

The system is consist of outdoor PoE surge protector, indoor PoE surge protector as well as surge protector 1U tray. A complete surge protection system is supposed to protect your two ends PoE device at the same time under qualified surge protection level. Typically, surge protection can be divided into two parts, that is surge protection for outdoor and indoor. Let’s get through an overview to them.

Outdoor surge protection can be accomplished with the outdoor PoE surge protector, which requires features to withstand outdoor tough conditions, such as dust, water and high temperature. It is installed closely to your PoE IP camera, and when lightning occur, it aborts those extra voltage to make the remained voltage of the connecting Ethernet cable stay in a acceptable level to your PoE IP camera. While indoor surge protection is utilized indoor surge protector and place it nearly to your main network devices. This type of surge protector is less demanding on its housing material and component. However, one thing made sense on both outdoor and indoor surge protection is looking for surge protectors with qualified and high performance surge protection level. Here are some things are advisable to pay more attention before you are diving into product purchase.

As to lightning power surge protector, the surge protection rating of the PoE surge protector should be the foremost thing to take into consideration. This rating shows the maximum amout of voltage that caused by power surges or spikes for the surge protector to withstand before it fails. Certainly, the higher the rating you have, the more reliable protection you get. And the price of the surge protector sometimes indicates its protection rating, that said most of time you are supposed to choose a PoE surge protector that is not so cheap as it might not qualified enough for protecting your valuable devices. It is not a necessity for you to cost thousands of dollars to purchase a ultra professional surge protector for some specific industries. For general home and office use, 8KV-10KV is quite enough. You are able to choose in alignment with your practical application and budget.

What’s more, as your cameras are deployed at outdoor, you should look for a surge protector that specially designed for outdoor application, which comes with features like waterproof, wide range operation temperature, sturdy housing and durable components to resist tough weather condition.

Besides, you definitely desire to have a easy to install and use power surge protection that can set up with less time and money, and offer you flexibility and convenience on installation and maintenance. Then PoE surge protector let you finish connection by yourself with easy plug and play design and compact size without dedicated AC outlet. Therefore, you should figure out if the surge protector complied with your PoE powered device(PoE IP camera) and powered sourcing equipment.

Fastcabling’s PoE surge protector for indoor and outdoor are capable to provide at least 10KV surge protection in practice instead of in theory, to against surges and spikes caused by lightning strike. Consequently, guarantee you highly reliable protection for a long time unless your devices get lightning strike directly or extremely serious surges. They are both work perfectly with IEEE 802.3 af/at standard compliant PoE-enabled devices. Additionally, the outdoor version features IP67 waterproof rating, durable metal housing and ultra low or high operation temperature from -40°C to 85 °C, paving your way for using Ethernet cable and network devices at outdoor in particular. In this system also give you option to utilize our Surge Protector 1U Rack-mount Tray that equips with 10 positions to let multiple surge protector to be managed and maintain conveniently if you have multiple PoE IP cameras waiting for surge protection. Remember there’s no surefire way to avoid surge or loss by completely relying on surge protector. This system only attempts to give you a chance to reduce the damage possibility of your valuable electronics when lightning strikes occur. Now, it’s time for you to start setting up your own reliable surge protection system. If you have any question, welcome to contact us to get dedicated support.

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