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Finish Fiber Optic Link Easily with Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable

With the prevalence of fiber optic technology in network cabling and with the result of its various advantages, it offers chance for different kinds of businesses to get higher bandwidth and greater reliability, as well as farther transmission distance to create a future-insight network infrastructure. Today, this article will focus on the fiber optic application in Ethernet system and it is mainly intended to provide a basic understanding of the use of pre-terminated fiber optic cable in a complete fiber optic link setup.

There are various fiber optic devices available in the market giving you chance to have high performance fiber optic link. Generally, to finish a complete fiber optic link, you have to cost time and money on connection and termination with different types of fiber optic cables and connectors, sometimes you also need to use some expensive tools. Actually, this might be a little bit overwhelmed you because finishing fiber optic link invariably ends up being more complex than anticipated. Fortunately, here we get you covered, you are able to finish fiber optic link between two fiber optic devices with pre-terminated cable easily with less money and time investment.

To start with, we will walk you through some basic knowledge about fiber optic link, including the trends of fiber optic cabling, as well as what is pre-terminated cable.

The trends of fiber optic cabling

Typically, several options for you to finish the fiber optic link along with the development of optical fiber industry. Virtually, optic fiber invariably calls for termination. All the manufacturers strives to create advanced methods to improve the convenience and precision of optical fibers joint or termination to meet the needs in current or for future. As stated previous, the optical fibers transmits via light signal, which comes with  demanding requirement on reflection angle, what if the angle is a little bit misleading, it will results in serious data loss, so the fiber optic termination is supposed to pay most attention to improve precision and reduce loss. The fiber optic termination can generally divided into two solution on the whole. One is field termination and the other is pre-termination.

Field termination, as its name implied, the termination is accomplished in the field, also called on-site termination. This solution suits for some applications that require extremely high precision to ensure high performance data transmission and security, or the deployment space is constrained. In addition, the key job in field termination is splice, for the time being, there are two types of splices, includes fusion splicing, a rather traditional and common way and mechanical splicing, a relatively convenient way. Both of them, there’s no denying that can serve you high precision with the help of splicer (a common splicer costs thousands of dollar), meanwhile, however, they really asks for a huge investment for the startup of termination for the reasons that it is necessary for you hire professional technicians, and this is expensive because skilful splicing technicians are rare and their job is time-consumed. Besides, this solution is sensitive to the installation environment.

While pre-termination solution means the connector or the fiber optic cable is terminated readied by the factory for easy termination or installation, this would save a lot preparation work and money investment. Pre-termination solution consists of fast termination with fast connector and pre-termination with pre-terminated fiber optic cable. Fast termination is more economic with the contrast of fusion splicing as you just need to purchase a fast connection tool bag including stripers and a high precision cleaver and select suitable fast connectors, this can keep the precision level if you use qualified cleaver.

What is pre-terminated fiber optic cable?

Pre-terminated fiber optic cable is not like any other ordinary fiber optic cable, its inside optic fibers have been spliced and the connector has been attached after polished and tested, that said, all complex processes of preparation are done precisely in the factory before it is shipped to the installation field. This widely used between Ethernet fiber devices to realize a reliable and high performance point to point fiber optic link. There are different types of pre-terminated fiber optic cable, including a variety of trunk cables, array cables, and plug-and-play cables.

What you can benefit from Fastcaling pre-terminated fiber optic cable?

It makes fiber optic link can be accessed with far less time and money investment.

As you know that a complete fiber optic cabling contains optic fiber splicing, connector attaching, and fiber optic signal testing. Then all these processes are done by factory if you choose Fastcabling pre-terminated fiber optic cable. This saves a great amount of deployment time by eliminating demanding field terminations and reducing rework time, which is a useful tool for those projects call for short deadline in particular.

Meanwhile, the cost on field terminations, such as professional fiber technicians hire, extra material of mis-operation, expensive termination tools, can be saved dramatically to use for improving quality of cables and fiber devices .

It provides high performance fiber optic transmission between fiber PoE devices.

All the pre-termination works of fiber optic cable are finished in a clean environment with least influence on signal, that means the termination is more precise and reduce fiber signal loss so as to provide high network bandwidth and reliable transmission for ultra long distance. There are different cable length of 100m, 300m as well as 500m to meet your practical need with suitable combination. Besides, the cable has special made protective measure to decrease damage of the cable during the deployment.

It offers special designs for easy, fast and convenient connection.

The connection work can be done by yourself as it requires less profession knowledge and its easy-to-use design. It is a plug and play solution with factory polished and tested connectors ready for immediate installation, which is a perfect option to point to point fiber devices connection. With the help of pulling eye design, you can pull the cable easily from point to point with less effort on cabling.

How to realize the easy fiber optic link?

After learning the these basic knowledge of fiber optic link, here we will get to the point, to give you instruction on how to use Fastcabling’s pre-terminated fiber optic cable and things you should know when using pre-terminated cable to finish point to point PoE fiber devices fiber optic connection with easy plug and play.  

First of all, you are suggested to think of what kinds of fiber PoE devices are suitable for your networking infrastructure according to the application and deployment locations. There are various fiber network devices available in Fastcabling to serve your individual networking system. Some fiber network devices are fully equipped with fiber optic ports for dedicated point-to-point or floor-cross-floor fiber optic network system, providing convenient central management and maintenance. Some fiber network devices, like PoE switch with SFP provide one or two fiber optic ports to provide you flexibility on specific applications under utilization of the advantage of fiber optics. Others like fiber media converter, fiber PoE switch, fiber PoE extender are special designed for long distance point-to-point or point-to-multipoints fiber optic transmission. Moreover, SFP module are crucial part in the connection, therefore you should pick out right types of SFP modules that are compatible to our pre-terminated fiber optic cable.

What’s more, you are supposed to have a rough measurement of the distance between each two points. In long distance connection, though the fee on fiber optic cable is considerable, it is advisable to plan the needed cable length with quite exact calculation or if possible you’d better reserve exceeded length to avoid slack storage otherwise it may result in extra fee and prolong the deployment time.

Last but not the least, some tools or design make great use on providing faster, easier and safer fiber optic cabling, such as cable transportation tool to carry cable, the pulling eye to reduce pull effort, protective materials in the cable to strengthen structure etc. Take advantages of them definitely save you a lot unnecessary works and ensure well protection to reduce signal loss.

All in all, pre-terminated fiber optic cable is a good choice for you to accomplish fiber optic link with less time and labor cost, but our Fastcabling pre-terminated cable also attempt to improve precision and provide qualified fiber optic link greatly. 

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