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PoE Expansion with One Cable

As the development of Internet of Thing (IoT) under this tech-orientation era, network devices are indispensable and are commonly used in business and home, such as IP camera, Wireless Access Points(WAPs), VoIP phone and so on. Additionally, some of them are PoE-enabled devices, also called PoE powered devices. Therefore, you might be more or less faced with expansion issue for your existing networking infrastructure because of the unexpected grow-up demand of multiple network devices at places where hard to find or deploy AC outlets and network ports, such as pole, garage, and backyard etc. That said, multiple RJ45 ports are required in this scenario. While some even want to get network and power expanded with one network cabling. Then what to do? Today, let’s focus on a practical and advanced product named Outdoor PoE Switch, this might give you a feasible solution.

By implementing this device, you are capable of using one cable to realize the PoE expansion, in other word, there is no more complicate cabling, saving time and money. One thing to be noted that this “one cable” doesn’t mean you only need to one single complete cable, which is impossible as the pass through switch requires two ends connection at least. So this “one cable” only indicates one cabling is needed between the pass through switch and main network(switch or PoE injector). You might be still confused about how the device really gets your problem solved in an economic and convenient way. Keep reading and you are going to be enlightened.

In order to let you know the solution of “PoE Expansion with One Cable” more easily and clearly, we’d better go through how the general methods that float in your mind work to grant power and network to your multiple network devices. Provided that you have a PoE switch equipped with 8, 16 or 24 ports at home or office, then you may need to run Ethernet cables separately for each network device located within 100 meters from the main network. Besides, what if the network devices waiting for PoE connection are located beyond 100 meters, then some PoE extension devices are necessary, such as PoE extender, which offers you a maximum of 500m PoE connection, dealing with the issue of PoE’s 100 meters transmitting limit. These two methods are definitely cost more on network cable and take up more RJ45 port of your main network (PoE switch or PoE router). Or additionally you are likely to choose to add another PoE switch in the middle of your main network and network devices. This is an alternative choice for a PoE connection that is less than 200m, but meanwhile a 220V power source should be easily found near the switch. All in all, these methods are available and viable if you think less on installation complexity and deployment fee.

On the contrary, PoE Expansion with One Cable solution works more simply by using the PoE pass through switch with its high performance technology integrated in one single device, which receives standard PoE or PoE+ (power and data) from the back-end main network and pass through to the front-end network devices under a lossless connection.  


Various Power Options at the Deployment Sites

The outdoor PoE pass through switch can operate as both a powered device (PD) and a power sourcing equipment (PSE), which means that the switch itself can be powered by a PSE while simultaneously providing power to other PDs such as wireless access points and VoIP phones. Since the PoE pass through switch has the passthrough features built in it, it can be installed in any place with no additional power cabling. Thanks to the PoE pass through switch, you can extend PoE for another 100 meters by transmitting power and data simultaneously via one Ethernet cable. This perfectly solves the problems of lacking AC power source at remote deployment site. But if you wanna install multiple power-hungry IP devices at remote places, it’s always recommended to draw the power from the installation site for power loss will get severe in the long cable runs. Fastcabling’s newly designed outdoor PoE switch is built with an internal power bank and is able to work with various kinds of external power supplies like AC 100-240V, solar power, etc., to guarantee the continued operation of the outdoor PoE switch and connected devices at greater distances.

Rugged Design for Deployments in Harsh Environments

Our outdoor PoE switches are tailor-made for applications in harsh environments. They are housed in an IP67-rated metal enclosure to stand up to heat, dust, and chemical exposure, and feature a wide operating temperature (-25°C~60°C). The outdoor PoE switches are designed with 6kV surge protection to protect the device from lightning strikes, unstable power input and electrical surges in changeable outdoor environments. They offer a diversity of mounting options, whether on a pole or on a wall. And the new model is highly advanced with a hinged opening to offer easy management in outdoor environments. It also comes with a special cooling design (air vents for heat dissipation) that guarantees excellent thermal control, ideal for deployments in a warehouse or basement.

Sufficient Power and Fast network

You are opt to get a maximum of 4 or 7 IP devices powered up and gained gigabit network to ensure smooth and fast data streaming. Besides, as the pass through switch supports IEEE 802.3 at standard, offering up to 30W per port, so IP device with high power consumption can still get sufficient power. Additionally, sufficient power budget would be a main problem for supplying multiple IP devices from a single device. While this solution is perfect to ease back-end power supply when it is coupled with our 95W PoE injector, the pass through switch can receive up to 71W remained power and forward to front-end multiple devices. If you want to install the PDs a little further, then use our newly designed outdoor PoE switch to take advantage of the local AC power to power the connected devices with a relatively safe DC current at a maximum output of 30W each port while not jeopardizing the function of the switch itself.

Easy & Flexible Installation and Clean Setup

By using this device you are allow to realize PoE expansion with simple steps. Just need to plug the Ethernet cable into RJ45 ports, then power and network can be delivered safely and stably to your PoE powered devices with no configuration required. As previously mentioned, Din-Rail and wall mounting options are available for deployments in any environment. Its compact design also provides great flexibility for installment in a confined space. And since there is only “one cable” from the control center/main network to the outdoor PoE switch, the setup is more straightforward. It also makes it easy to start troubleshooting in the long cable runs since no extra network appliances are involved.

You see, this one cable PoE expansion solution is truly practical and hassle-free to make IP device gain power and network easily, especial when retrofitting the legacy network devices for network expansion. Once the system is set up, you just need to run a cable to add one IP device into your network system.

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