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Long Distance WiFi Transmission Solution

The trend of IoT(Internet of Thing) has become more and more popular in this technology era, Internet seem to be a most important part in our daily life. In other word, IP-based network devices are applied in various filed. Network (Ethernet) is easy to access for home or business that located in urban or it is no problem for network devices to get stable network within 100 meters from your main network, while sometimes you may confront with trouble to make your remote network devices work just as those place close to the main network for the reason that the Ethernet transmission distance has its limitation, or the deployment area is inconvenient or impossible to get a new network(Ethernet) deployed.

For instance, you’re a owner of a farmyard that located in remote area, and you have already deployed network at your home or control room of the farmyard, then you plan to set up IP camera surveillance and security system to improve the security and safety in the farmyard. In this scenario, you would call for network to make your cameras work but you don’t want to spend so much time and money to get a new network rarely for several cameras, and most possible that the area lacks of condition to deploy a new one. That means long distance network transmission is set up to make sense.

Typically, there are three common ways to realize long distance network transmission, namely, wired connection included using fiber optic link or ultra long range PoE, and the WiFi. Each of them comes with pros and cons, let’s take an overlook for more detailed information.

Fiber optic link is capable to reach a network connection for up to 80km far away from your main network. It provide extremely fast network even after long distance transmission, it however requires more time to finish the complex fiber link, sometimes you need to turn to the professional installer for help, which would be a costly investment. As to the method of ultra long range PoE, there are different media to work out, such as PoE extender, 800m long range switch, and PoE over coaxial converter. They can reach a maximum transmission distance of 500m, 800m and 1km respectively. Even if these devices adopts PoE technology that can transmit power and network together from back-end main network to save dedicated AC power source, but they obviously still have distance limitation with the contrast of fiber optic link, and network speed would be affected and drop down greatly as the increasing distance either.

Besides, although wired connection intents to ensure more stable network connection, you cannot fail to reckon with these facts, for instance, long distance means you requires to run long cable between your network device and main network, this may cost a lot on cable fee. Moreover, it is inevitable to encounter some obstacles on such long way, which implies you have to spend time and extra money on overcoming obstacle issue. Thus, it is necessary for you to look for a practical way to reduce hassle on connection. In order to solve your problem, Fastcabling has come up with long distance WiFi transmission solution, which is in particular designed for long distance point-to- point WiFi coverage in a wireless way.


Long distance WiFi transmission is mostly for outdoors point to point connection through the help of a pair of wireless network bridges without running wires to make the remote area cover with strong and stable WiFi signal in an economic and hassle-free way. And it has alternatives to fix both weak WiFi and cellular networks. By leveraging the antennas, the network can be extended over 1 km or several miles between point A and point B.


The main benefits that it brings are that it is easy to install and it comes at a low price, it prevents you from getting another network connection which means you have to install a totally different connection, this would have just wasted both your time and money.


So basically as I mentioned it before, it’s a point to point connection, the signal source from point A broadcast it from distance, the antenna that is install from point B must be facing the signal source from point A, which allows the signals to be pulled in and connect straight to the router, and finally the router broadcast the signal right back to where point B is located. The network bridges needs power to work, if it is convenient, you can choose to find dedicated AC outlet to get power, or if you have difficulty on dealing power supply issue, a special designed waterproof power box is a fair tool to give you a hand with great flexibility and convenience.

As if like the example illustrate at the beginning, you want to apply it for supplying network to CCTV security cameras. In this situation, it is advisable for you to estimate the total amount of the required bandwidth to make cameras video stream smoothly and get high quality image in case to make your video surveillance being affected on its stability and reliability. Generally, the bandwidth amount should depend on the number of cameras you plan to utilize, as well as the distance that the cameras are away from the on-site antenna.

PRODUCT INTRUDUCTION- Point-to-Point Wireless Network Bridge

This long distance WiFi transmission solution mainly comes with a formation of 300 MHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge Pair and 900 MHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge Pair. As their name implied, they come with different wave frequency to provide different network transmission speed, 300 MHz means your network devices are able to get a maximum of 300Mbps network speed if they under WiFi coverage, and the 900 MHz support 900Mbps,  resulting a difference on WiFi transmission distance between these two products for up to 1KM or 2.6 miles, which serve your practical requirement flexibly. Moreover, both of them are specially designed for applications at outdoor or some area that is quite remote or risky that not suitable for people to stay long to undertake complex cabling. They offer a wealth of features to against outdoor bad weather and tough environment, including certificated IP65 waterproof rating, weatherproof design, long range stable connection as well as easy to install etc.

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