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Industrial PoE Solution

Are you plan to deploy networking system with PoE technology for multiple network devices at outdoor or industrial environment? To be honest, the operation environment is relatively hard and tough, that means such applications require demanding devices comes with special designs. Fortunately, manufactures find out customer’s demands in practical application and conform to the trend of times, the so-called industrial grade PoE devices are developed and commonly used at various industrial applications. That is also why Fastcabling launched industrial PoE solution to help customers solve network problem in a easier and more reliable way to overcome challenges including: extreme temperature, bad weather conditions, noisy working environment or other potential risk.

Fastcabling industrial PoE solution is a highly reliable solution consisting of various type devices, such as fiber PoE switch, fiber PoE extender, compact media converter, PoE ring switch and so on. It enables your powered devices to receive network and power safely, conveniently and reliably without concerns of harsh environment. Additionally, all of them comply with standard PoE, and can give you long range transmission with fast network speed. These products comes with rugged and durable housing, so there is no need to give extra protected measures to against vibration and heavy dust problem. They also work perfectly even under ultra low or high temperature for the reason that their components features wide operation temperature range from -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F). Besides, outdoor environment has more potential for the devices to be damaged under bad weather condition like lightning, carrier grade surge protection provides you high reliability of operation for a long time.

You may know that the above features are design for outdoor and industrial applications. Furthermore, this industrial PoE solution are suitable for various applications, including factory automation, oil and gas, mining, transportation, substation, energy and outdoor applications of railways, roads, tunnels, smart cities, city surveillance and traffic monitoring. So, let’s take a look at some real-world application scenarios.

What’s more, the information below is being provided to better understand specific characteristics of products included in industrial PoE solution at a quick glance.

Gigabit Network-This means your front-end powered devices or network devices are able to work under 100/1000Mbps network speed, which allows you to enjoy smooth data transmission and communication between devices, enhancing work efficiency and reliability. Almost all the products give you option to utilize Gigabit network to reach advanced operation.

Fiber Optic Link-You know that outdoor or industrial application generally require long distance transmission, the powered device are probably far away from the main network control room. In this situation, this solution takes this problem into consideration, which enables you to own high bandwidth, great reliability, and extra long range transmission(up to 80km) fiber optic link. Some PoE devices equips with fiber optic port, such as fiber PoE switch, fiber PoE extender and ring PoE switch, while some are designed for fiber optic connection in particular, such as industrial media converter, 24 port fiber managed switch.

Redundant Ring Network-The solution allows you to employ redundant ring network. What it means? Though it is a not so common known technology for majority of people, actually it is quite practical function for people who intend to get a high reliability networking system for multiple network devices requires to install in circle or even in straight line, such as setting up camera surveillance system to provide protection for farmyard or school. Once the redundant ring network setup successfully with multiple ring network switches, unexpected situation like one of the switch stops working, the whole network system still can continue to operate normally, which offers constant operation.

After knowing about the features of industrial PoE solution, you must want to know why you have to use it or what exactly you are able to benefit from this solution. Now let’s check out these benefits below:

The foremost value is that comes from PoE technology. PoE saves separate network cabling deployment and eliminates local AC outlet around the front-end powered devices or network devices. Because power is transmitted through Ethernet cable, that means power and data delivers from back-end simultaneously. Moreover, the whole connection is safe as these devices work under low voltage. More importantly, you can finish connection with easy plug and play, saving time and money greatly.

As to fiber devices, you are not only gain advantages that comes from the nature of fiber optic. We fully supply high quality and easy to use accessories such as industrial grade SFP module, pre-terminated fiber optic cable to help you finish fiber optic connection quickly and correctly. This save a lot hassle to choose suitable things and investment to employ professional technician to finish in-site termination.

Because it’s specially designed to use for outdoor or industrial applications, its rugged component, wide range operation temperature as well as standard compatibility ensure its quality and reliability, this makes great use on reducing frequent maintenance and replacement, and it can reach longer usage life at some extend. This solution truly think in sight to the future.

Reading to here, I believe you have already get overall information of the industrial PoE solution. In practical application, you may need to have dedicated combination of different devices according to your requirement and condition. It’s time to find suitable devices that fit your demands most. The following you are able to obtain brief introduction of several products.

Fiber PoE Switch and Fiber PoE Extender: These two products are designed to solve long distance network device deployment at outdoor or industrial environment where quite difficult to access power and network locally. One or multiple network devices receive power and data from the far away back-end via the combination of fiber optic connection and PoE connection. Most importantly, they allows you to set the power supply a little bit far away from them.

Industrial Fiber Media converter: If you want to deployment point to point connection via fiber optic cable for your network device that locate far away from your main network, this device can help you finish signal conversion between Ethernet and fiber optic so as to reach over kilometers transmission. 10/100/1000Mbps network speed are available.

Want to find more detail information? Welcome to look into our product page or contact us to get dedicated support directly.

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