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Ultra 800M Long Range PoE Solution

So imagine you have a lake-house, but the distance from your house to the lake is more than 500m, you want to put up a camera system in order to take a closer look of what is going around the lake, well there is the fiber optic cable that can be considered, but unfortunately it only covers 100m in distance. Now here comes a better solution, the ultra 800m long range PoE solution. Now to solve this issue above is easy installing this long range device. It not only meets the requirements of today’s networking where long-distance transmission of data and power is needed, making it a perfect and fast solution to accomplishing a long-distance network.


The ultra 800m long range PoE solution is basically a long reach power over Ethernet technology that enables the development of IP networking and at distance beyond 500m or more(limited to 800m only), it is mainly designed for Ethernet networks, which means that the IP infrastructure can be built anywhere you desire, even in remote areas, and the best part is you need not worry about the power source or the re-cabling. This 800m long rang POE switch actually works like the common PoE switches that adopt PoE technology. While it is a upgrade version as it give you the chance to deliver PoE(power and network) to a longer range for up to 800m with 10Mbps remained network rate and 300m still with 100Mbps. It only use Ethernet cable to reach long distance transmission without extra complicate extension equipment.


This switch adopts advanced technology to give you option of connecting IP devices at long distance. You can select a with 6, 8, or 16 port in line with your needs and there are one or two special designed Ethernet port allowing you to use 800m long range PoE. This greatly simplifies the connection in long rang network device deployment. Because only Ethernet cable is needed, which is stable and safe without overheat problem that comes with electronic equipment. Thus, coupled with its plug and play installation, you can finish the work fast by yourself, saving money and time. It complies with IEEE 802.3 af/at standard to give up to 30W power output so that you can power high power consumption device. Besides, its gigabit network ensures stable and fast network speed for data stream. Moreover, fiber optic link is optional for you to manage extremely long distance network device deployment, or meet the demand of applications require low latency and reliable network.


Certainly, installing a ultra 800m long range PoE to get PoE extended has its benefits, Let’s get them through in detail.

800M Long range PoE transmission

Unlike the common PoE switch that only deliver PoE with a maximum of 100m or 250m(VLAN mode), this advanced switch provides a greater coverage for up to 800m, which meet lots of long distance network device deployment, such as parking lot, building-to-building, garage etc.

Convenient installation and easy to use

As you know, PoE is a technology let single Ethernet cable to carry power and data simultaneously. That said, you have no necessity to find or deploy dedicated AC outlet close to your IP devices. With its qualified component and high compatibility to PoE IEEE 802.3 af/at standard compliant powered devices, you are able to directly connect your PDs to the switch, the whole connection only use Ethernet cable and a included adaptor, just plug and play. No technical knowledge and skills are required, so you can do it by yourself safely and simply. After finish the connection, you don’t need make any configuration to realize 800m long range PoE transmission. Additionally, this solution calls for less frequency of maintenance.

Stable transmission and safe connection

As the above mentioned, the connection only need Ethernet cable and included adaptor, and you know that cable is capable of resist high temperature than electronic device, and it get rid of overheat problem even with continuous operation. Besides, less protected measure such as waterproof enclosure is of the essential as the cable have higher resistance to water and dust. Moreover, using this solution can reduce the possibility of electric leakage, providing more stable and safe deployment.

If you have plan to set up a network system consist of short and long range network devices deployment, why not try this 800M long rang PoE solution to settle your problem in a time, which is safe, reliable, and convenient.

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