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PoE Ethernet Extension Solution

Network device, also called IP device, such as IP camera, VoIP phone, Wireless Access Point etc have been utilized in various business or home application to make work and life safer and more efficient. Now that you are planning your network system for some long distanced network devices or your existing network system requires network extension or upgrading to make network devices at long distance work, you may sometimes confront with a dilemma that there is no network and power available or hard to get around the deployment area, because actually no matter how considerate before you finish the cabling design, some unexpected situation called for network to work in location that is a little bit far from the main network control center still can happen occasionally in the future. Then you are trying to find solution to make your remote network device get sufficient power and network without complicated new cabling deployment or especially adding some expensive equipment. Here is the right place to get some idea.

What is PoE Ethernet Extension solution

As to the phrase of network extension mentioned above refers your network is extended and reach longer range, which is a concept in layman’s terms. While Ethernet extension or PoE extension is a rather professional phrase within industry. It describes exactly what you are seeking to overcome distance limitation, power source issue and cabling deployment for your network powered device.

There’s no need to dig in deep, a word about Ethernet: a technology enables different devices to communicate with each other and commonly used in local area networks (LAN), which is widely used in homes and industry to provide stable network, and interworks well with Wi-Fi. For instance, the rectangle port on your laptop is Ethernet port that is designed to let people get stable Ethernet connection.

Then PoE stands for power over Ethernet, a technology gradually used in business and home universally. That said, majority of network devices listed at the beginning are so called PoE powered devices that are PoE compliant, such as PoE IP camera, PoE compliant Wireless Access Points (WAPs). PoE allows power to be transmitted via single Ethernet cable, that means your device can obtain power and data simultaneously, but it comes with 100 meter distance limit. Reading this, you may have a general idea of PoE extension solution that is to solve problem of sufficient power supply and fast network for your remote PoE powered device by using some specific devices to break through the 100 meters limit in a cost-effective and convenient way.

The below shows how to realize PoE extension solution for long distance network devices via different transmit media with our Fastcabling products. These solutions only make sense in the application of PoE compliant PDs with complied with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standards, such as PoE IP camera, PoE compliant Wireless Access Points (WAPs). However, you are still able to adopt PoE technology even if your network device is not PoE-enabled, PoE splitter is useful tool to deal with your problem. Here we take IEEE 802.3at PoE IP camera for instance.

1.Use a common PoE switch comes with VLAN function, and connect the camera with a UTP cable, an maximum distance of 250m can be available. You should noted that VLAN only make PoE distance further by scarifying network speed, this means the end device works under low speed network. Generally, the network speed drops down to 10Mbps to reach a 250m transmission distance.

2.Prepare a PoE switch(a new one or existing), then add PoE extenders between the switch and camera. In this way, you are able to get a PoE connection for up to 500m. Alternatively, on condition that you already have a non-PoE switch, you just need to replace the PoE switch with a PoE injector.

3.Utilize the advanced 800m PoE switch and its include specific adaptor, and connect the camera with special-made extended UTP cable, a 800m max PoE connection is accomplished.

Product Introduction

  • Gigabit PoE Switch

Fastcabling supplies different types of PoE switches come with VLAN function, enabling you to get PoE transmission distance at a maximum of 250m under VLAN mode, such as Gigabit PoE switch, PoE managed switch, and visual PoE switch with SFP. They provide specific features like PoE power scheduling, watchdog function, LED screen display etc. You are not only to get PoE extended with simple configuration and also get smart PoE function for easy and convenient control and management.

  • Gigabit PoE Extender

This PoE extender complies with IEEE 802.3bt standard to offer up to 60W power output for long distance IP devices to get sufficient power, at the same time Gigabit network is also available to ensure non-stopped surveillance or smooth data streaming. It comes with powerful waterproof IP68 rating and rugged aluminum housing to make it perform excellent even under tough outdoor environment. You are opt to choose to connect one or two IP devices, and a maximum of 30W power output is supported from each port. Thanks to PoE technology and its daisy chain design, you are able to supply power and network by reach different distance according to you need, giving you convenience and flexibility on installation.

  • 800M PoE switch

This switch adopts advanced technology to give you option of connecting IP devices at long distance. You can select a with 6, 8, or 16 port in line with your needs and there are one or two special designed Ethernet port allowing you to use 800m long range PoE. This greatly simplifies the connection in long rang network device deployment. Because only Ethernet cable is needed, which is stable and safe without overheat problem that comes with electronic equipment. Thus, coupled with its plug and play installation, you can finish the work fast by yourself, saving money and time.


  • High power supply

Many devices available on the market fail to meet your demand of supplying some high power consumption IP devices as majority of them are complied with IEEE 820.3 af standard, which give power only can feed some low power consumption device like IP camera. And count to the voltage drop as the distance increases, a stable power supply can’t be guaranteed. While all the products in this solution are complied with IEEE 802.3 af/at standard, they are capable to deliver 30W output power for long distance network devices. Some even meet BT standard to provide 60W max power output. Therefore, you a more stable connection give you peace of mind without worry about device shut down issue.

  • Fast network

You are able to get Gigabit Ethernet by using these Ethernet extension product, which provide high performance network upload and download speed, that means even the data experiences a long trip through cat5 or higher cable, stable and fast network is able to be remained and grant to IP devices, especial some device requires qualified fast network speed for data streaming, such as IP cameras. Then you can get rid of the frustration caused by network latency.

  • Time and money saving

As all products adopts PoE technology, so you are able to save the money and time on connection and installation. Because you can finish by yourself as the progress requires no professional electrical knowledge and skill. Moreover, PoE devices enables single Ethernet cable to send power and data from the main network, eliminating dedicated AC outlet deployment.

  • Safe and easy to use

Fastcabling’s products in the Ethernet extension guarantee to use qualified tested components, you are able to get a safe, stable and convenient connection. Moreover, PoE only needs low power to operate, which is rather safe enough for you to do the connection without thinking of electricity accident. In addition, its plug and play design let you accomplish Ethernet extension fast and easily without complete configuration.

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